How to Apply Magnetic Lashes

In theory, magnetic lashes are easy to apply—or at the very least, easier than their non-magnetic counterparts. However, as anyone who has tried them will warn: They take some practice to get right. Here are the three most helpful tricks we've learned from (lots) of trial and error.

1. Prep your natural lashes. Curl and coat them with a layer of mascara first. Think of this as a priming step to give the faux strips something to grip onto.

2. Always start with the top. Line them up to your lid and get the positioning right before going in with the bottom lashes.

3. Trim them. In the case of full strips, we've found that it's much easier to cut the strip into halves, thirds or fourths (depending on how many magnets there are per strip). Then, snap each piece into place, starting at the outer and inner corners of your eyes and ending at the center. You could also buy them as half or partial strips.

When it's time for removal, make sure to lift the top lash from the bottom ones to release the magnets instead of sliding or pulling them off (which can remove some of your real lashes). May the force be with you, dear ones. 

What Are Magnetic Lashes?

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