This $10 Silicone Brush Gives Me a Spa-Level Head Massage Every Time I Wash My Hair

Question for everyone reading this: How many of you think that the best part of going to the salon is when they wash your hair? The creamy suds, the warm water trickling down your head and—dear God—the heavenly scalp massage. Why (why?!) is it so much better than when we wash our hair at home?

Enter the Hairstory brush, which, at first glance looks more like a torture device (or at best a muscle roller…sooo a torture device) than it does a brush. Buy hey, don’t judge a brush by its spikes, because the "spikes" are actually silicone bristles that are firm yet gentle (not unlike my mother).

To use it, simply apply your shampoo of choice, grip the handle of the brush however it feels most comfortable to you (I like to slide it between my index and middle fingers and rest the back of the brush against my palm for better control) and work it through your hair in gentle strokes. Take as much time as you want. Trust me, you’ll want to.

Apart from feeling really amazing, it also helps to distribute product more evenly (which is particularly helpful if you use a co-wash or more viscous form of cleanser). Oh, and the bristles are great at detangling. Just make sure to work the brush in downward motions rather than circular if knots are an issue for you.

I’m always running around, rushing through the motions of everyday life, so it feels nice to have this visual reminder (in the form of a hedgehog-looking brush) to slow down and enjoy the simple process of washing my hair. And guys, that small moment has a ripple effect. The extra two minutes of calm I bring to my shower helps me wind down. It puts me in a better mood, a calmer state. Not a bad payoff for something that costs less than a movie ticket these days.

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