6 Secrets of Women with Shiny Hair

Want glossy hair like Olivia Palermo here? The good news is that shiny strands have more to do with good habits than genetics. Here are six ways to dial up the vibrancy of your strands now, courtesy of the women whose locks we envy.

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They use a clarifying shampoo regularly.
Dry shampoo, excess oils and dirt coat your strands so they don’t reflect light properly. To keep your hair from being weighed down and dull, use a clarifying shampoo every other week and condition as usual.

They choose their brush wisely.
Whether you have thick, curly hair or straight, fine strands, you’ll benefit from using a boar-bristle brush, which helps distribute your scalp’s natural oils for a shinier finish. Just be careful to start at the ends and gently work your way up to avoid any snags along the way.

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They're strategic about heat styling.
First things first: Before you reach for any hot tool, make sure to prep your hair with a thermal protectant to prevent any damage. If you’re using a blow dryer, always keep your nozzle pointed down so the outer cuticle lays flat. (This is key for shine.) If you’re using an iron, don’t go above 350°F and move it along in quick passes (rather than pressing and holding the plates down for too long) so you get a smoothing effect, rather than singeing your strands.

They use additional treatments as needed.
This is especially important to those of us who color our hair or rely on any other chemical treatments. Again, a smooth cuticle equals maximum shine, so keep yours intact by using an at-home gloss once a month in addition to your normal conditioner.

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They get the right cut.
If shiny hair is your top priority, get a simple cut. While layers are great for adding shape and movement, they can break up the surface of your strands so it’s not as reflective overall. And if you have the sort of hair that tends to get puffy without some layers, have your stylist remove the bulk from underneath so the top layers still keep their shine.

They keep up with regular trims.
Because split ends travel upward, and when that happens, you get fuzzy strands. Aim to get a trim every four to six weeks and use a strengthening serum in between to keep them smooth.

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