Add *This* Snack to Your Diet for Your Best Hair Day Ever

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You know the expression, “you are what you eat”? Turns out, it applies to our hair, skin and nails, too. We tapped nutritionist Frida Harju-Westman for the best foods to add to our diet for a gorgeous mane—andhappily, her volume-boosting snack of choice is quite delicious. 

As you meal prep tonight (or you know, hurriedly grab something on your way out the door tomorrow morning), don’t forget to toss a handful of almonds into your lunchbox.

“These nuts are a great source of vitamins and nutrients and, when eaten in moderation, can do wonders for hair health,” Harju-Westman tells us. “A quarter cup of almonds will give you almost half of your recommended intake of vitamin E and manganese, both of which can promote hair growth,” she adds.

In retrospect, this makes total sense, considering that “almond oil” is frequently listed as one of the first ingredients in our favorite shampoos and conditioners. 

But she cautions nut lovers to exercise restraint when snacking, since almonds are also high in fat (a small handful is plenty). Happy snacking.

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