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On a rushed morning every extra second spent rooting around your drawers for that one tube of perfect-red lipstick is incredibly stressful. But there’s an easy fix. A little tidying up of your products can streamline the whole process and actually turn a cluttered tabletop into one of those gorgeous vanities you see on Pinterest. Here, ten ideas for sprucing up your little beauty corner.  

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Stick to a color theme

We suggest a calming palette of soft neutrals so you have a moment of peace each morning.

Clear some space

Keep your products to either side of your mirror so you have ample room for getting ready. 

Get an extra large mirror

Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who’s the most Pinnable vanity of them all?

Be crafty with your furniture

Wherein you can repurpose the top of your dresser as a vanity.

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Invest in some bright lighting

Lights, camera, action.

Coordinate your containers

Black on black is always sleek.

Make everything transparent

So you can actually see what you need. (Fresh flowers are optional, but highly recommended.)

Corral everything into a tray

Ah, the beauty of a simple tray.

DIY some storage

Used candleholders are excellent for gathering smaller items like brushes and eyeliners.

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Take a trip to the Container Store

And for the ultimate beauty lover: Stock up on all of the trays and cases. You're going to need them for your expansive collection.

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