10 Next-Level Tricks to Organize Your Vanity Once and for All

For the love of Chanel, get it together

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Science tells us that we’re going to spend one and a half years of our lifetime doing our makeup. Aside from battling with our eyelash curler and trying to unravel the mysteries of contouring (will we ever get it?), a big chunk of time is definitely devoted to hunting down our favorite lipstick (exactly where did we put that tube of “Melon Rhapsody”?).

Is there anything worse than a disorganized vanity? 

We decided to get it together once and for all and collected ten super-smart tricks for tidying up your dressing table…and making your daily routine way better.

Keeping It Kleen

First: Toss Old Products

Those rusty bobby pins and expired mascaras circa 2009 do not deserve valuable real estate in your beautifully organized new way of life. Get rid of ‘em, stat. Marie Kondo is watching you.

Daily Makeover

Put Your Pretties On Display

Some lipsticks and nail polishes are too gorgeous not to be seen. Make a spectacle of your favorite products by storing them in clear vases, jars and bowls.

3 ikea brimnes vanity

And Hide Anything That's Not-so-cute (like Q-tips)

Sure, those vintage Parisian perfume bottles on display are so pretty, but some of your more utilitarian necessities were not meant to be seen (ahem, tarnished old eyelash curler). To keep those items at bay, pick up a dressing table for your bedroom, like this one from IKEA that comes with hideaway drawers. Smart concealed storage means you can quickly stash your morning beauty products without cluttering up your space.


Compartmentalize Your Baubles

Clear plastic trays work wonders for keeping jewelry untangled. Stack them in a drawer and remove as necessary; You can even keep rotating the trays throughout the month to help inspire new looks.

Who What Wear

Or Dangle 'em From A Mirror

A tri-fold mirror is practical and pretty, and can specially highlight those hard-to-store statement pieces.

The Beauty Bin

Keep Your Palette Neutral

When your overall color scheme is clean and simple, you’ll be more apt to keep surfaces free of clutter. A black and white palette makes a striking statement on your tidiness. Don’t be afraid to play with proportions either.


Use Unconventional Items...

Like a cake stand for your perfumes, and take advantage of unused vertical space.

Popsugar Home

...that You Might Find In The Kitchen

Delicate, dainty chains, rings and earrings are no match for a ceramic egg crate. Cute and tangle-free.

The Every Girl

Showcase Your Personality

How to turn your morning routine into a moment of Zen? Keep a few non-beauty trinkets in plain sight that remind you of your favorite memories or travels. Studies suggest that they’ll ignite inspiration and improve your overall happiness (all things you want when you’re getting your face pretty for the day ahead).

Devon Rachel

And If All Else Fails: Add A Tray Table

Everything is in its right place…and you still don’t have enough space. A simple standing tray table is a chic solution, and keeps your goods at the ready.

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