7 Makeup Tips We Learned from Gal Gadot (aka Wonder Woman)

Before she was Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot was a model, a basketball player and a combat instructor for the Israel Defense Forces. (Pretty badass, right?) And as proven by her slew of recent red-carpet appearances and press junkets, she’s a total beauty queen, too. Here are some of her best looks and what we’ve learned from them.

6 Secrets of Women with Flawless Makeup

gal gadot foundation
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Prep And Set Your Foundation

Always start with a good moisturizer and primer to get a smooth base before you apply any foundation. (We heard that Gadot's makeup artist, Sarah Brock, used Murad’s Invisiblur on the set of Wonder Woman.) Another tip: Go light with the setting powder and apply it only where you absolutely need it. Skip the perimeter of your face altogether, as that’s where you want to keep some sheen.

gal gadot contour
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Master The Subtle Contour

The contouring craze is (thankfully) dying down, but the art of subtle sculpting is forever flattering. Stick to cream formulas (which are easier to blend) and make sure you choose a shade of contouring powder that’s only one to two shades darker than your natural skin tone.

gal gadot monochromatic mu
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Try A Monochromatic Look

Pick a shade and use it on your lids, lips and cheeks. Not sure which colors to start with? We’re partial to peach because it instantly warms up your complexion and works on every skin tone.

gal gadot brows
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Focus On Your Brows

They frame your entire face, after all. See how Gadot’s arches are full and defined but not overly drawn in? You can get a similar effect at home with a brow pencil (using short dashes) and gel (brush the hairs up and out to set them in place).

gal gadot dark lipstick
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Don't Be Afraid Of Dark Lipstick

It’s a statement lip for sure, but it’s not as severe as you might have feared. Just keep the rest of your makeup light and buff your lips beforehand (as the shade can call attention to any dry patches or flakes).

How to Rock Dark Lips Like a Grown-Up

gal gadot gloss
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Bring Back The Gloss

Matte lips have been trending for a while now, but Gadot makes us think it’s time to reintroduce gloss into our routine. See how it revives even something as ubiquitous as a red lip? Tip: Apply the gloss just to the center of your bottom lip to make it appear fuller.

gal gadot eyeshadow
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Experiment With Your Eye Makeup

Though she typically sticks to classic looks, Gadot also knows when to have some fun. Case in point: Her smoky eye at the MTV Movie Awards, where she wore a sultry blend of browns and plums on her lids and accentuated just the inner corners with a pop of turquoise.

Try a Halo Smoky Eye the Next Time You Want to Step Up Your Eye Makeup

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