A French Beauty Expert Shares Her Top Skincare Tips for Getting a Parisian Glow

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Here at PureWow, we can’t get enough of French culture. From their timeless approach to home decor to their well-honed eye for fashion, we find endless inspiration from them. And lately, we’ve been admiring all the beauty trends coming from the bustling country. We’ve already mastered their no-makeup look, so we felt it was time to explore the skincare space next. Thankfully our expert was willing to spill the secrets to achieving the ultimate French glow. 

Meet the Expert:

  • Clemence von Mueffling is the founder of The Beauty Report by Beauty and Well-Being (BWB) and the author of Ageless Beauty the French Way

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1. Give Yourself a Nightly Face Massage

When it comes to your skincare routine, spending more time with your face is key. One way to give yourself some extra TLC: a face massage. “This practice has been passed on from one generation to the next! ​​People underestimate the power of a face massage. You’ll be amazed by how much you can improve the quality of your skin by massaging it daily,” says Mueffling. “All of the beauty people in-the-know in France do it. From the ‘Pincement Jacquet’ (which is a dry deep tissue face massage) to lymphatic drainage to using a tool, massaging your face tones your skin, improves circulation and reduces fine lines.”

To try it at home, the steps are pretty simple. Mueffling suggests using your favorite tool (like a jade roller or gua sha) or your hands and working them into your skin in a gentle circular motion. You can do this after applying a face oil or a moisturizer every night. She adds, “A few minutes are enough to make a difference if you do it regularly.”

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2. Don't Skip Out on Double Cleansing

“French women don’t perceive their cleansing routine as a chore. Rather, they see it as a relaxing nightly treat for themselves,” shares Mueffling. “Double-cleansing has become a beauty ritual for so many women, especially as they start to notice how it leaves their skin looking and feeling radiant,” she adds. 

Start by applying an oil cleanser or micellar water onto dry skin to remove makeup, excess oil and dirt. After rinsing, use a gentle face wash to begin your second cleanse. This is where you can dive deeper into the skin and wipe away any remaining pollutants and impurities. Mueffling notes, “Double cleansing optimizes the skin’s natural regeneration process, which primarily takes place while you’re sleeping.” 

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3. Treat Your Skin Like Your Favorite Blouse

While Mueffling attributes some of the famed French glow to double cleansing and face massage, she also recommends using gentle scrubs (and avoiding super harsh scrubs or certain lasers like Fraxel). She’s also a proponent of face tints and makeup hybrids that incorporate skincare ingredients. “French women rely on some makeup tricks to create a glow, but the real goal is to treat the skin like you would your favorite silk blouse!” explains Mueffling. That is, treat it gently and with great care. 

One last tip from Mueffling? “Add a smile, et voilà!”

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