6 Secrets of Women with Flawless Skin

We never go to sleep in our makeup, and after much trial and error we’ve finally landed on a skincare routine that works for us. And still, our skin isn’t quite perfect yet (for our standards). We know certain skin woes are beyond our control, but for the overall package, we checked in with some of the freshest-faced gals we know for their tips on how their faces look so damn good.

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flawless skin secrets pillowcase

They Wash Their Pillowcase...a Lot

Even if your face is clean and moisturized before you hop into bed, you can wake up to a different one. (Hint: There is likely some dirt and oil lurking on your pillowcase.) To make sure no gross stuff sticks around, wash it (or swap it out for a fresh one) every week. Sure, you’ll have to do more laundry, but your skin will be clearer while you’re doing it.

flawless skin secrets phone

They Keep Their Phone Clean

Could your hours-long phone chats with your cross-country bestie be causing you to break out? Maybe. Think about it: When you talk on the phone, the side of your face is in direct contact with any bacteria that’s accumulated on your screen. Eww. To prevent blemishes from forming, either wipe down your phone with tech-specific antibacterial wipes or pop in your headphones (with a mic) to talk.

flawless skin secrets hydrate

They Drink A Ton Of Water

Obvious hydration statement: The amount of water you drink is directly reflected in your skin’s health. For instance, under-eye bags are commonly caused by the retention of water to that delicate area. Drinking more helps tamp down any puffiness. (That or a cold spoon from the freezer.)

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flawless skin secrets 3 second rule
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They Follow The 3-second Rule

This tenet of Korean beauty states that you should go into your skin-care routine within…three seconds...of washing your face. Why? It allows products to better absorb into your face. Since your skin’s main role is to serve as a barrier between your cells and the outside world, it essentially wants to keep products out. Wet or damp skin, however, is more receptive to outside agents, which leads to maximum absorption of active ingredients from your serum and the like.

flawless skin secrets sleep

They Prioritize Sleep

Think the idea of beauty sleep is a myth? Think again. A recent study published by Royal Society Open Science found that even missing even a few hours of sleep has an effect on your appearance. As if we needed another reason to hit snooze one more time…

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flawless skin secrets exercise

They Work Out Regularly

Fact: Exercise improves circulation and brings more oxygen to the skin, which gives you that post-workout glow. Even if it’s just a brisk walk, aim to get your heart pumping at least a few times a week. Regular sweat sessions also lower stress and help you sleep—both crucial to getting your glow on.

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