Flannel Hair Is the Trendy Fall Color You Didn't Know You Needed

From the root beer trend that took over spring to the cream soda strands that dominated summer, we’ve got to give the internet points for creativity—especially when it comes to coining new hair terms. Case in point: This fall’s buzziest new hue has been dubbed “flannel hair,” as a nod to the reds and browns that are commonly found on our favorite autumnal wear.

So what is flannel hair exactly? Simply put, it’s various shades of red hair—from copper to auburn to deep red and violet. (Or you can opt for a blend of crimson shades to create more dimension.) Just as we tend to go lighter for summer, many of us go darker for fall. Flannel hair offers a fresh alternative for folks who don’t want to go full on brunette.

Great, so what do I tell my stylist? As is the case with any major hair change, bringing a photo of what you want always helps. Take a cue from Natasha Lyonne, Kate Nash (above) or Keke Palmer: All newly flannelled. Or get inspiration from one of the OGs (that’s original gingers, FYI) like Amy Adams, Debra Messing or Molly Ringwald. As a general rule of thumb, if you look better with cooler tones, go for a mulled wine or violet red; if warmer hues are your jam, opt for a bronze or copper instead.

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