The Top Fall Hairstyles To Try Now, According to the Olsen's Stylist

Fall looks a bit different in 2020. Our usual markers of the season—like going back to school and the festivities that go with it—are now remote. Because of this, many of us are spending more time on video calls and it’s affecting the way we dress up (party on top), wear makeup (focus on the eyes) and style our hair (minimal effort, maximum impact, please).

“Since most of us are interacting over Zoom and FaceTime these days, we’re seeing a lot of bold and quick styles that focus on the front of your face,” says Mark Townsend, Dove’s resident celebrity stylist (and the man behind the Olsen twins, Jennifer Lawrence and Dakota Johnson).

Hair accessories, in particular, are having a big moment—and for good reason: “A statement headband can hide greasy roots instantly, while a few sparkly pins can make a messy bun look polished just before your next call,” shares Townsend.

Also trending are voluminous top knots and ponytails (the higher, the better) and chunky highlights that stand out. “Whereas beautifully blended color has always been the go-to look for many years, it’s difficult to upkeep…especially these days,” explains Townsend. Instead, we’re seeing a return to just a few, stark statement highlights in the front that require very little touching up.

Quick, easy and minimal upkeep, you say? We’re all in, Mark. Show us the way.

This $10 H&M Headband Has Gone the PureWow Office

Stacked Headbands

What’s the fastest way to turn a bad case of bedhead around? Why, a stylish stack of headbands, of course.

Get the look: Shashi Baroness Headband ($52); Deepa Gurnani Kristin Headband ($80); Lele Sadoughi Ivory Graduated Pearl Velvet Headband ($115)

Thick Headband

Or go with a single, tufted band for a royal look that Kate Middy would approve of.

Get the look: Lele Sadoughi Slim Demin Padded Headband ($65)

Stacked Barrettes

Like the barrettes we wore as kids...but artfully arranged.

Get the look: Scunci Assorted Bobby Pins ($7); A New Day Cultured Peal Hair Clips ($10)

Supersized Scrunchies

Our favorite accessory right now is a supersized scrunchie that shows from all sides and angles.

Get the look: Bellefix Martini Collection X-Large Satin Scrunchie ($13); Kitsch Dinner Scrunchie ($14)

Printed Headwrap

Grab a headwrap or simply use your favorite scarf to pull your hair out of your face quickly before that next call.

Get the look: Bellefix Palm Print Headwrap ($14)

Scarf Headband

Another way to style your scarves: keep the tails long and to one side.

Front Pieces

If you grew up during the 90s and early 2000s, you may recall the two front strands of hair that were crucial to every look. Well, they’re back—as are fountain ponytails.

Slicked Back

A little less Ginger Spice and a lot more Posh.

Fountain Pony

Or perhaps you were more of a Baby Spice?

Party On Top

Secure a tiny top knot with a couple pearl clips like Lucy here.

Get the look: Riviera Mixed Pearl Clip Set ($10)

Twisted Top Knot

Bring those baby hairs forward to lightly frame your face.

Accessorized Pony

Here’s another easy look for our curly-haired ladies to keep in their back pockets: a high pony with a statement bow in the front.

High Pony

Repeat after us: The higher the pony, the better for Zoom.

Teased Pony

Or you can add height by teasing the top of your hair into a little bump.

Chunky Highlights

Meet the “money piece,” the intentionally chunky stripes of color that are 2020’s rebuttal to the perfectly blended balayage of years past.

Money Piece Highlights

We can thank none other than Beyoncé for bringing back this trend last year.

Pink Highlights

Same idea, but in pink (aka the “it” color of quarantine).

Temporary Highlights

Give the look a test drive with some temporary color that will rinse out in a few washes.

Brightening Highlights

The best thing about money piece highlights? They brighten up your skin and open up your facial features (especially in a two-dimensional setting like Zoom).

Rainbow Highlights

Another reason we love the money piece: Since you’re only bleaching one small section of hair, the damage (and upkeep) is minimal.

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