Emma Stone's Oscars Nails Take Less Than 10 Minutes to Do—Her Manicurist Tells Us How

The trick? This polish dries in one minute

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Emma Stone's Oscars nails: Stone wearing Dazzle Dry nail polish and Louis Vuitton dress
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When Emma Stone won the Best Actress Oscar, her acceptance speech was one of the highlights of the night. Not just for the comic way she explained her wardrobe mishap—"My dress is broken, I think it happened during 'I'm Just Ken.' I'm pretty sure," she quipped—but for the dainty way she held the seam together as she composed her thoughts on stage. That moment gave the manicure watchers among us time to admire the neutral yet glam manicure that we could see ourselves in at home. Her manicurist Emi Kudo walked us through the steps to do at home—and bonus, using the fast-dry system from Dazzle Dry ($22), recreating the look takes less than 10 minutes!

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1. Prep the Nail Surface

Dazzle Dry

After trimming and shaping Stone's nails short with rounded edges, Kudo pushed back and trimmed excess cuticles, then buffed the nails. Then Kodo wiped the surface of nails with Dazzle Dry Nail Prep ($18), the brand's secret weapon product which cleans the nail plate of any excess oils or impurities that would keep the nail polish from really clinging to the nail bed. Bonus: Dazzle Dry Nail Prep conditions nails with panthenol and biotin at the same time as it's creating a clean surface.

2. Apply Base Coat

Swipe a layer of clear Dazzle Dry Base Coat ($22) across the nail bed, wait one minute, then apply another layer of base coat and wait an additional minute. Not just any base coat, this polish is formulated with polyurethane and alcohol to really prime the canvas that is your nails. The result? Any subsequent color, including Stone's neutral tones, really cling—even if, like Stone, you're going to be shaking a lot of hands and lugging around heavy statuary all night.

3. Apply First Color

Dazzle Dry

Kudo applied one coat of “Peacefully Me” ($22), a sheer pale pink polish with warm undertones that reads as a cream color when applied to nails. The nail tech then waited for only one minute of drying time.

4. Apply Second Color

Dazzle Dry

Next Kodo applied one coat of “Fine China” ($22) over “Peacefully Me,” creating a deep milky shade with pink undertones. Kodo waited another minute for drying.

5. Apply Top Coat, and Voila

Lastly, Stone got a swipe of Dazzle Dry Top Coat ($22), a quick-drying, non-yellowing final layer that lends high gloss and protection against abrasion. After a final five minutes, Stone's nails were totally dry, durable and as delicious as the rest of the two-time Oscar winner's look.

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