Got a Wedding Coming Up? Here Are 7 Beauty Looks You Can Definitely Pull Off Last Minute

After two years of lockdown and many postponed plans as a result, it seems like everyone is getting married within the next 12 weeks. And though we're excited to, you know, actually do things again, there's a part of us that feels a bit overwhelmed when we go to get ready for said activities. (Does anyone else have an aversion to heels now? And what do you mean these pants don't have a stretchy waistband?)

Let's pause on the wardrobe part of things for now and focus solely on the makeup (one thing at a time, you know?). We've pulled together seven easy beauty looks to try ahead of your next wedding—or any other fancy occasion you have coming up.

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1. Flushed Blush

Blame it on Bridgerton (or contouring fatigue), but blush is having a major moment in 2022. Swept higher up onto the cheeks and towards the temples, it gives your face a quick lift. You could go with a classic pink or rose-colored blush—or, if you're trying to get in on the latest trends, go for a shade of orange.

Get the look: Ilia Multi-Stick ($34)

2. Spring Color-blocking

Pink + coral = a makeup match so good you might outshine the bride. The two hues are analogous colors, which is why they work so well together. That said, we'd recommend varying the intensity of both shades, so they don't overpower your entire face.

Get the look: Chanel No. 1 de Chanel Lip and Cheek Balm ($45)

3. Blinged Accents

Who remembers painstakingly attaching crystal embellishments on their faces and bodies before a school dance? It was the height of glamour back then—and apparently now as well. Lately, buzzy brands like Simihaze Beauty have been bringing back the festive bling and honestly, we’re not mad about it.

Get the look: Pley Beauty Pley Things Face + Body Reusable Adornments ($16)

4. Orange Lips

Like blush, orange lips are having their moment in the (ahem) sun thanks to recent TikToks showcasing the color. We've got to side with TikTok on this one: A pop of orange can liven up your complexion in a fresh, unexpected way.

Get the look: MAC Lip Cream in "Morange" ($19)

5. Lime Green Eyeshadow

For the ultimate statement look, don't be afraid to accentuate your eyes with this electrifying shade. Besides, if both Daniel Martin and Gemma Chan are behind it, you know it's got the green light.

Get the look: Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeshadow in "Freak" ($19)

6. Purple Eyeshadow

Or for a softer, but still striking look, you can try a wash of lavender on your lids like Lana Condor here. Complete the ethereal effect with a glossy pink lip and ombré purple mani to match.

Get the look: Merit Beauty Shade Slick Tinted Lip Oil in "Pink Beet" ($24); OFRA x Samantha March Life's a Draft Mini Mix Palette ($39)

7. Blue Eyeshadow

If orange is the color on everyone's cheeks and lips this spring, blue is the hue on everyone's lids. You can go for subtle dash of sky blue liner along the outer corners of your eyes—or rock a full-on cobalt smokey eye, pending the rest of your outfit.

Get the look: Morphe 18A Blue Ya Away Artistry Palette ($20)

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