The 30-Second Trick to Making Your Dry Shampoo Last Longer

Whether you’re rocking day-three-no-shower locks or just need some extra oomph, this dry shampoo hack is here to save the day (and in less time than it takes to apply mascara). Here, an easy trick to make your favorite hair product work overtime.

What you need: Dry shampoo, a brush and a blow dryer.

What you do: Spritz the dry shampoo into your hair as you normally would and wait a minute for it to settle. Then, use the blow dryer on your roots for about 30 seconds while brushing through the strands.

Why it works: The heat from your blow dryer helps “bake” the dry shampoo onto your roots, adding extra volume near your scalp where you need it most. It also makes the stuff last longer by distributing the product more evenly.

Fourth day post-blowout? We never would’ve known.

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