And CoverGirl’s Newest Celebrity Ambassador Is...

CoverGirl officially has a new ambassador and her name is Ugly Betty America Ferrera.

The Emmy award-winning actor was just been named the new CoverGirl for the beloved beauty brand. “This is the new face of @COVERGIRL,” Ferrera wrote in an Instagram post responding to the news. “Can I borrow your time machine, please? Need to go let Little America know she’s not too much of this or too little of that. Nah, baby girl, you’re a CoverGirl!! #easybreezybeautiful #CoverGirlPartner.”

The makeup brand revealed the exciting announcement in a press release on Thursday stating that the activist brings a message of “self-acceptance and self-love” to the brand.

“Easy and natural makeup has always been my favorite kind of beauty,” the Superstore actress shared in a statement. “I like to feel and look like myself. Between traveling, producing, acting and being a mom, I like to keep my routine to simple steps that make me feel naturally beautiful. For me, beauty is about loving and accepting myself first and foremost and as a CoverGirl, I want to share that message; Your uniqueness is what makes you beautiful and your authentic identity is your superpower. I am an actor, a director, a businesswoman, a mom, a Latina, a first-generation
American; and now, I am a CoverGirl.”

Congrats, America!

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