Cottagecore Beauty Proves That Kardashian Style Makeup is Officially Done-zo

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Cottagecore: adj. A niche aesthetic that celebrates rural living and life on the farm. Common themes include gardening, needlepoint and picnicking.

Back in July, our fashion director, Dena Silver, wrote about the simple, no-frills normcore aesthetic commonly known as cottagecore. We expected the fashion trend to disappear with summer, when the influencers packed away their peasant tops and nap dresses, but it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. That’s probably due to the pure escapism it represents during a time when we need it most. Who wouldn’t want to be relaxing at a country cottage right about now?

Besides, cottagecore is more like a way of life. A return to everything that’s simple and good in this world. So, it’s no surprise that the trend has made its way into our beauty routines and made us reconsider ever picking up a contour palette again. One part carefree and one part romantic, it includes elements like fluttery lashes, flushed cheeks and freckles, which are so much more natural and easy to replicate. Basically, if you look like you just got in from an afternoon of riding horses across the prairie, then you’re doing it right. Take a peek below for six easy ways to add the look into your everyday makeup routine.

9 Cottagecore-Inspired Pieces to Transform Your Home into a Tranquil Hideaway

1. Golden Hour Skin

First thing’s first: You’re going to need a believable canvas to start. What do we mean by that? Skin that looks like yours! There’s a time and a place for foundation and the disappearance of pores, but it’s not here. Cottagecore is all about effortless vibes and a return to nature, so opt for a light to medium coverage tinted moisturizer that evens out skin tone without looking cakey, and certainly skip the Kardashian-style contouring. Bonus points for choosing a product with SPF.

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2. Flushed Cheeks

Next up: rosy cheeks. A pink flush has always been the pinnacle of a healthy, feminine look. As far as this trend is concerned, cheeks should look like you just spent a sunny afternoon picking wildflowers by the side of the road. To emulate that sun-kissed vibe, stick to cream, or better yet, gel cream blushes that sink into skin rather than sit on top of it for a more believable finish.

3. Fluttery Lashes

On a normal day, we approach our lashes with a “the bigger, the better” mentality. But when it comes to this natural look, aim to keep them light and fluttery, almost like you don’t have anything on them at all. The key? Stick to one coat of clump-free mascara with defining and lengthening benefits. If you’re looking for a more permanent approach, we suggest starting an eyelash serum regimen, which will make your natural lashes so long and wispy, you might not even end up needing mascara.

4. Bushy Brows

We say it all the time, but God are we happy that natural brows—in all their bushy, slightly unruly glory—are here to stay. Think of what your brows looked like before you ever took a tweezer to them, then try to emulate that look by brushing hairs upward and setting them in place with a brow gel. If you need a little help in the thickness department, use a brow pen to create single flicks that mimic individual hairs, rather than filling them in with powder or pomade. And again, if you have time and patience, try adding a brow serum into your routine for naturally thicker brows in a few short weeks.

5. Stained Lips

Not a lipstick person? We assure you lip stain requires the least amount of maintenance possible, aka the whole M.O. of cottagecore. You want it to look blotted and worn like you’ve just been kissed, which only adds to the romanticism of this trend. If your lips are on the drier side, you can also wear a lip balm on top to seal in moisture and prevent flakes.

6. Freckles

Whether you were blessed with the real deal or choose to go the faux freckle route, there’s no denying the youthfulness they bring to your look. If you already have freckles, protect them (and the rest of your skin) with a healthy dose of SPF. If you want to fake it, opt for a freckle makeup pen and dot them over the bridge of your nose and out toward your cheekbones. Once dry, wet a beauty blender and dab the spots to fade the color out to a more nature-looking state.

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