9 CBD Bath Bombs to Bring on the Ultimate Chill

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Maybe you’re juggling three kids and a hybrid in-person/remote learning schedule. Or maybe you’re so stressed about your job search you can’t sleep (don’t worry, you’ll find the perfect gig). Whatever it is that’s raising your cortisol levels, there’s nothing like a hot bath to bring on the calm. Want to increase the relaxation even more? Add a CBD bath bomb. Here are nine of our favorites.

What is CBD? Is CBD legal?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the leaves of the hemp plant. CBD is legal in all 50 states—as long as it contains less than 0.3 percent THC. In comparison, marijuana can contain up to 30 percent THC. If the CBD contains more than 0.3 percent of THC, the legality ranges from state to state.

Benefits and uses of CBD Oil

CBD has grown in popularity over the last decade and has been shown to help people and animals alike manage stress, anxiety, inflammation, acne and pain. A 2015 study found that CBD even helped to inhibit the progression of certain types of tumors. Different industries like beauty, wellness and food have found ways to infuse the oil into products. For oral CBD items, such as gummies, it takes about 30 to 60 minutes for the compound to take effect. With topical CBD items, such as lotion, CBD does not enter the blood stream, but instead through where it contacted the skin and takes effect within about 15 minutes. This makes topical CBD great for localized issues, like joint or muscle pain.

How do CBD bath bombs work?

Bath bombs typically include moisturizing or aromatic ingredients, like coconut oil or essential oil. Drop it in the bath, and boom, all that good stuff is released into the water for a luxuriating at-home spa. But with the addition of CBD, you also get the topical benefits of this oh-so-chill chemical. Aka, the most relaxing bath ever. It’s even said to help with pain inflammation and acne reduction.

The 12 Best Bath Salts for a truly relaxing evening

The Best CBD Bath Bombs at a Glance:

1 bath gem

1. Bath Gem Effervescent Mineral Soak With Cbd

Best for fizzy bath

25 mg of CBD per bomb

“Effervescent” is a fancy way of saying “fizzy.” So think of this cruelty-, sulfate-, and synthetic fragrance- free CBD bomb as the clean beauty equivalent of taking a bath in really expensive Champagne. Don’t mind if we do. Ahhhhh.

2 cbd mb bath bomb

2. Cbd Bath Bomb 100 Mg 4 Pack

Best for a holiday gift

100 mg of CBD per bomb

You drew coffee-breath Jerry in the company gift exchange. Do you know his favorite scent? Yeah, neither do we. This set of bombs comes with a distinct scent for each bomb, making it an ideal gift. There is bound to be one scent option that Jerry enjoys, maybe buy him some mints as well.

3 hbfit

3. Highline Wellness X Hbfit Premium Cbd Bath Bomb

Best for extra exfoliation

100 mg of CBD per bomb

Influencer and entrepreneur extraordinaire Hannah Bronfman worked with Highline Wellness to craft bath bombs that, in addition to hemp-derived cannabidiol, include rose powder and Himalayan salt. The result? An epically relaxing bath accessory equipped with an extra boost of natural exfoliator.

4 happy dance cbd bomb1

4. Happy Dance Cbd Stress Away Bath Bomb

Best for uplifting and energizing

60 mg of CBD per package

When we saw that one and only Kristen Bell posted about the Happy Dance bundle, we knew we had to check out the bath bomb! The bomb contains ginger and grapefruit to “uplift and energize.” But will it give you the energy to watch Frozen for the 70th time with your 5-year-old? Only one way to find out.


5. Hempz Rose Oil 25mg Cbd Herbal Bath Fizzer

Best for a floral fragrance

25 mg of CBD per bomb

Laying in a field of flowers sounds fun, but laying in a warm bath that smells like a field of flowers sounds even better. This Hempz Rose Oil Bath Bomb gives off a floral fragrance and is made with rose oil and sativa seed oil, both containing hydrating properties and an abundance of antioxidants. One reviewer writes, “The fragrance was lovely without being overwhelming, the oils in it were extremely nourishing, and the CBD helped me relax and fall asleep quickly. “


6. Seabedee Cbd Bath Bomb

Best for a subscription service

100 mg of CBD per bath bomb

When you run out of spa night supplies on the one night you actually have the time to relax, it is truly devastating, and we are sorry you had to go through that. Seabedee CBD Bath Bombs has unique subscription service where you can subscribe for a monthly re-up. Each individual bomb ends up costing $11.21 with the subscription vs. $15 with the one-time payment. You can also cancel the subscription at any time. This might be one to add to the wish list.

sunday scaries1

7. Sunday Scaries Hemp Bath Bombs

Best for a citrus scent

100 mg of CBD per bath bomb

It’s Sunday, and the thought of another Monday listening to Janice brag about her son’s soccer goal is scary. It’s shaped like a gummy bear (how sweet?), and is infused with orange, lemon and lavender scents. Add a glass of wine to the mix and you are set. Buh-bye, Sunday scaries.

8 cbd for life cbd

8. Cbd For Life Cbd Bath Bomb Fresh Bamboo

Best for non-staining colorants

35mg of CBD per bomb

Maybe you’ve stayed away from colorful Pinterest-worthy bath water for fear of staining your tub. Well, fear not. This bomb is made with certified colorants, which are also safe for absorption, aka you do not need to worry about staining your skin or your tub. This is truly a relaxation feast for all your senses.

9 life elements signature cbd bath bomb

9. Life Elements Signature Cbd Bath Bomb

Best for intense pain

50mg-200mg of CBD per bomb

Tuesday was a great day. Wednesday…not so much. (You got three hours of sleep, the oven broke down and your hair is doing that weird thing no matter which way your brush it). Different types of days may require different levels of CBD bombs. Life Element’s Signature CBD Bath Bomb comes in a variety of strengths ranging from 50mg to 200mg. Thus, depending on the stress of your day, you can determine which bomb is best.