Natural or bleached, golden or platinum, all-over or partially highlighted: No matter what type of blonde you are, these eight tips will help you maintain the color and health of your lighter locks.

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Get a Showerhead Filter
FYI: There are naturally occurring minerals and metals in your tap water. Without a filter, they can penetrate your hair and cause it to dull—or, in some cases, change color over time. One of the best ways to protect brighter strands is to get a showerhead filter and replace it as needed (just like your Brita).

Use a Purple Shampoo
You know that dreaded orange-y tinge that starts to set in after you’ve been out in the sun for a few days? A purple-tinted shampoo can fix that by adding cool undertones back in and balancing your overall color. Use it once a week and let it sit in your hair for a couple minutes before rinsing. (On that note, if you get a purple shampoo, you don’t also need a purple conditioner. One or the other will suffice.) 

Try a Protein Mask
Lighter strands tend to be a bit fragile, which makes them more prone to splitting or breaking. Using a weekly protein treatment can help bolster them. Just make sure not to use it more than that—too much protein can actually (and ironically) cause your hair to become brittle.

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Soak Your Hair Before Swimming
Before you take a dip in the pool, soak your hair completely with tap water. This way it won’t absorb as much chlorine (which—as you know from your days at summer camp—can turn blonde strands green). 

Protect It from the Sun
SPF isn’t just important for your face and neck (and OK, your entire body). UV rays can also dry out your hair and cause the color to fade faster. So, the next time you’re heading outside for a few hours, mist your strands with UV protectant and bring a hat for extra cover.


...And from the Heat
Blow-dryers, flatirons, hot rollers and curling wands: No matter what you’re using to style your hair, make sure to use a protective spray (we love Aveda’s Brilliant Damage Control) beforehand. Also, lay off the heat whenever possible. Perhaps now is a good time to try your hand at a braid or banana bun?

Take Breaks from Bleach
If you’re one of those people who heads to the salon every time you start to see roots emerge, wait a bit longer between visits (so once every ten to 12 weeks instead of your usual six to eight). Coloring too frequently can damage your hair and make it look over-processed and unnatural—not to mention, it’s expensive. 

Get Regular Trims
Yes, even if you’re trying to grow out your hair. Blonde hair—be it natural or dyed—tends to be fine. Without trims, you’ll likely end up with split ends. Split ends usually end up breaking, leaving you with uneven little strands everywhere. Bottom line: Nipping an extra centimeter off every two months will save you from losing an inch later.

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