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In the beauty world, niche, indie brands are multiplying by the minute and in a sea of really, really great products, how do you know which are exceptional? For BLINK’s first-ever beauty awards, we decided to do all the vetting for you. We tirelessly applied, scrubbed, swiped, and dabbed for months, and sure, it’s glam, but it’s definitely not easy. Hundreds of products later, we present the best of the very best.

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Written by Marissa Oliva

Additional reporting by Brianna Lapolla

 Produced by Pamela Masin

Edited by Nina Hearne

Photography & Videographer Emily Morgan

Video Producers Kelsey O'Brien, Stephanie Gergeres

Video Editor Matt Radican

Designer Sofia Kraushaar


Lakshmi Devy, Emma Fried, Samantha Glowacki,

Ploy Manee, Marie Zoumanigui

Makeup Karla Duarte

Hair Tinika Sadiku, Rosi Aguarte

Nails Amy Tran


Camille Baer, Sarah Ballard,

Jennifer Cox, Sydney Rosenstein