Though we’re still in the thick of summer and enjoying the slower, longer days that come with it, there is a bit of excitement building for the crisp, cooler fall months ahead. Along with the new boots and other sartorial swaps we’re looking forward to making, we’re also keeping an eye on the latest hair color trends for the season.

And there’s one trend that’s reigning supreme this fall: warm tones. Yep, after years of icy blondes and ashy highlights, we’re going to be seeing a lot more caramels and coppers.

As Chris Li, a colorist at Nova Arts Salon in Los Angeles shares: “I’m seeing more people embrace warmer tones, which makes their skin glow. I believe this shift comes from wanting a more subtle look, as the pandemic has given our hair and skin some time to have a more natural moment with salons being closed for such a long period.”

Ahead, we’ve pulled some variations of the trend you could try next.

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1. Honey blonde

Some good news for any blondes out there who have lived in fear of warm tones for the past few years: Buttery, golden hues are in (and, let’s face it, they’re much easier to maintain than platinum).

2. Copper tones

For our friends who have naturally dark strands, a few, well-placed copper highlights can brighten up your entire face.

3. Bronzed balayage

Another option for brunettes is a bronzed balayage. Tip: Keep things within two shades of your natural base color for the most seamless grow out.

4. Blended brunette

Or you can have the best of both worlds by keeping your base color warm and adding just a few cooler-toned highlights throughout to give your hair more dimension.

5. Spiced red

It is the most requested hair color of the year, after all. We especially love this rich gingerbread hue for the fall. (Tip: Keep your strands vibrant by swapping in a toning mask whenever you start to notice the color fading.)

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