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I am forever amused by TikTok trends because most of them take an extremely basic concept, like wearing less makeup, slap a snappy name on it and boom, we have “clean girl aesthetic.” (Yes, the trends are sometimes problematic.) It’s silly, but you’ve got to admit your curiosity is piqued when you hear phrases like “cloud skin” and “everything shower.” Let’s talk about the latter for a second, because unlike “tomato girl makeup,” an everything shower is something I am wholly on board with.

To start, an “everything shower” is a shower that goes beyond your standard steps and consists of whatever else you want to do to cleanse, exfoliate and care for your hair, skin and senses. I’ve seen routines that are supposed to last a couple of hours, but my everything shower lasts about 30 minutes, which is plenty of bathing time for me.


An “everything shower” is meant to be fill thy cup, so I always set the mood by queuing up a good playlist on Spotify. Next, I put out whatever clean, comfy clothes I’ll be changing into afterwards because I’d like to minimize the number of things I have to do once I emerge from my shower. As far as pre-shower products go, I’ll occasionally use a pre-wash treatment for my hair, when it’s looking particularly straw-like (or I have something good to watch on Netflix).

The Pre-Wash Treatment

1. Dae Stargloss Shine Treatment


  • What we like: smooths down frizz, has a flattering sparkle to it that makes your hair shine
  • What we dislike: a little pricey compared to how much is in the tube

This mask is meant to be used on dry, unwashed hair to help smooth down frizz, nourish brittle strands and deliver instant shine, thanks to the sparkly flecks in it. (The brand says it’s like “highlighter for your hair.”) Featuring prickly pear seed oil, which is rich in fatty acids that deeply condition, it has a thick consistency to it that coats my hair nicely without running or dripping down my back. I’m also a fan of the fresh fruity scent.


Again, we’re going beyond the standard “lather, rinse, repeat,” here. For my everything showers, I am doing the most. More specifically, I am shampooing twice (first using a clarifying shampoo, then a moisturizing one), masking again, exfoliating, shaving and cleansing my body and face to finish. Note: This last step is to ensure I don’t leave any pore-clogging residue on my skin.

The Clarifying Shampoo

2. Odele Clarifying Shampoo


  • What we like: sulfate-free, generous suds, fresh scent
  • What we dislike: might be too drying for extremely processed hair

Dry shampoo (and styling products in general) tend to build up on your scalp, so I use a clarifying shampoo during my everything showers to clear everything out. This one from Odele makes my hair feel lighter and fresher without desiccating my strands, thanks to sulfate-free cleansers and chelating ingredients that help remove any product residue, dust and hard water minerals from it. It smells nice, too—sort of like the cucumber melon body spray we wore as tweens.

The Hydrating Shampoo

3. Vegamour HYDR-8 Hydrate and Repair Shampoo


  • What we like: has an inviting jasmine scent, rich formula works well with thick hair
  • What we dislike: a bit pricey

Speaking of scent, the first thing that drew me to this shampoo was its jasmine-y fragrance. It made my shower and strands smell heavenly. More importantly though, I like the way the creamy formula works with my thick, porous hair, which can be attributed to Kamartin, the brand's vegan silk alternative to keratin and silicone that helps seal in hydration.

best-products-for-an-everything-shower-Philip B. Weightless Volumizing Mask: a tub of hair mask
Philip B.

The Volumizing Hair Mask

4. Philip B. Weightless Volumizing Mask

Philip B.

  • What we like: has amino acids, plant oil and shea butter to smooth down and hydrate hair without feeling too heavy
  • What we dislike: on the pricier side

Conditioning is always crucial, but it’s especially important after a double-shampoo day. Philip B’s new mask uses a blend of amino acids, plant oils and shea butter to rehydrate hair without weighing it down. Just make sure to concentrate the mask on your mid-lengths and ends only (far away from your scalp) for best results.

The Exfoliating Body Wash

5. Naturium The Smoother Glycolic Acid Body Wash


  • What we like: has a convenient pump top applicator, creamy texture, rinses off clean
  • What we dislike: no scent to it, is frequently sold out

I'm newly dedicated to my body care routine. In addition to moisturizing more thoroughly now, I've also added an exfoliator to the mix. This creamy AHA wash includes glycolic, lactic, pyruvic and tartaric acids to gently slough off dead skin cells and smooth out any bumpy texture on the backs of my arms and legs without being too abrasive.

The Shaving Razor

6. Gillette Venus Sensitive Deluxe Smooth Razor


  • What we like: has five blades for a close shave, pivoting head, comes with two additional cartridge refills
  • What we dislike: handle is weighty

I can think of a hundred things I'd rather do than shave my legs, but when I do, you best believe I'm using this razor. Knock on wood, but I've yet to nick myself with this five-bladed wonder. I'm guessing the "SkinElixir lubrastrip" (lol) or the "water-activated ribbon of moisture" that sits on top of the blades has something to do with that. The pivoting head glides gracefully over all your glorious curves and any awkward-to-shave spots like the knees and around the ankles. Also included: two cartridge refills.

The Body Soap

7. Dove Beauty Bar


  • What we like: has a gentle, clean scent, leaves skin soft, budget-friendly price
  • What we dislike: n/a unless you prefer body wash

I’ll never tire of Dove’s classic Beauty Bar. This nostalgia-inducing bar checks all the boxes: It’s cleansing, moisturizing, hydrating and free of skin-stripping sulfates. It’s pH balanced and gentle enough to use on both your body and face (though I do use a separate face wash because I’m acne-prone).

The Face Wash

8. The Inkey List Salicylic Acid Cleanser

The Inkey List

  • What we like: budget-friendly price, helps reduce oil, has 2 percent salicylic acid in it
  • What we dislike: some users reported it has a slight scent to it

Whenever I wear makeup, I double-cleanse my face, starting with an oil-based wash (like this one from Krave Beauty). For my second cleanse, I’ve been using The Inkey List’s salicylic acid cleanser because my skin has been oily and breaking out more lately. Made with 2 percent salicylic acid to help clear buildup from pores and zinc to decrease oil production, the foamy wash leaves my skin feeling refreshed but not overly dry. Tip from my derm: When using a salicylic acid cleanser, let it sit on your skin for a minute before you rinse it off to get the most out of it.


The Clarifying Sheet Masks

9. Rael Tea Tree Sheet Mask


  • What we like: features tea tree oil, cica and chamomile extract to calm skin
  • What we dislike: might be too astringent for those with dry or sensitive skin

Rael is a self-care brand that aims to support women throughout their menstrual cycle. From organic cotton tampons and pads to heating pads for cramps and skincare products, they have quite the lineup, but my personal favorite is their tea tree sheet mask. Made for the luteal phase, which is just before your period starts and your hormone levels can make your skin oilier than usual, the masks come soaked in antiseptic tea tree oil and other calming ingredients like cica and chamomile extract to keep you in the clear. I slap one of these on straight out of my everything shower, while my skin is still slightly damp to maximize the moisture.

The Finishing Hair Oil

10. K18 Biomimetic Hairscience Molecular Repair Hair Oil

K18 Biomimetic Hairscience

  • What we like: features a patented peptide that helps to repair damaged bonds, feels lightweight
  • What we dislike: is expensive

Throughout the years of bleaching and toning my hair various shades, I've tried many different oils and K18's is easily one of the best I've ever used. When applied to damp hair after showering, it helps tame my usual puffiness; when used on dry, styled hair, it adds a touch of moisture and shine. Featuring the brand's patented K18Peptide, it fills in the broken polypeptide chains that make up our hair, repairing damage from the inside out. Honestly, the science behind the oil is cool but my favorite thing about it is that it actually feels lightweight, so rather than sitting on top of your hair like many oils tend to do, it sinks right in.

The body moisturizer

11. Cocokind Body Lotion


  • What we like: has a pump top applicator, spreads nicely on skin, doesn't feel too heavy
  • What we dislike: some users reported that it has a slight scent to it

I love this lotion from cocokind for so many reasons. It's rich but not heavy, it spreads like a dream and it doesn’t have a cloying scent. Most importantly, it keeps my entire body—even my scratchy heels—soft, smooth and free of dry flakes, thanks to the fatty acids and namesake sake in it. (Fun fact: In addition to being a delightful adult beverage that complements your sushi, sake is loaded with enzymes that gently exfoliate and brighten your skin.) I apply this everywhere but the backs of my arms, where I use a separate AHA lotion on to prevent KP bumps from forming.

The multipurpose ointment

12. Vanicream Moisturizing Ointment


  • What we like: non-greasy, non-irritating formula, can be used all-over
  • What we dislike: comes in a large tub that you have to dip your hands into to scoop out

The final step of my everything shower? A bit of selective slugging on the driest parts of my face and body (i.e., my lips, elbows and heels). This fragrance-, dye- and lanolin-free ointment from Vanicream came highly recommended from my derm friend during an eczema flareup two years ago and I haven't stopped using it since. I've tried numerous others like it over the years, but always go back to Vanicream's version because it's less greasy and hasn't broken me out once.

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