7 Lush Products That Have Major Cult Followings

Walking into a Lush store is a feast for the senses. With bath bombs in every color and rows of face masks and body lotions in every scent, it can all be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for. So we did a little sleuthing and narrowed it down to seven all-time customer (and staff) favorites to try.

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lush angels on bare skin
Lush Cosmetics

Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser

Washing your face can be a chore, but there is something about this scrub that makes the experience downright pleasurable. Made from kaolin clay and ground almonds, the powdery mix morphs into a gentle scrub once you add water. As you massage it into your skin, you’ll catch a calming whiff of lavender. 

lush dream cream
Lush Cosmetics

Dream Cream

What’s in a name? In the case of this magical cream, we’d say it has something to do with how it makes our skin feel after we use it. Rose, chamomile, olive oil and oat milk join forces to soothe and hydrate even sensitive baby skin. (There are a number of eczema sufferers who swear by it as well.) 

lush new shampoo bar
Lush Cosmetics

New Shampoo Bar

Shampoo bars are trending and Lush can be thanked for that. Though there are many to choose from, we’re partial to this minty fresh formula because it feels nice and tingly on our scalp (especially after a hot day in the sun) and it leaves our strands with an impressive shine. 

lush american cream
Lush Cosmetics

American Cream Conditioner

This no-frills conditioner checks all the boxes: It smells delicious (like strawberry vanilla), doesn’t weigh your hair down and makes it so soft, you’ll find yourself running your fingers through it all day.

lush sex bomb
Lush Cosmetics

Sex Bomb

Plop one of these skin-softening spheres into the water and watch as it transforms your rustic (cough, rusted) tub into a swirling cocoon of pleasurable colors and scents. This one consistently tops the list with its addictive jasmine and ylang-ylang fragrance that lingers long after you rinse off.

mask of magnaminty
Lush Cosmetics

Mask Of Magnaminty

Also known as the mask with 1,000 glowing reviews and counting. Fans swear by its ability to clear acne flare-ups and skin irritations (like razor burn), as well as cut down on oily T-zones. The magic is in the kaolin clay and honey formula that’s deeply clarifying without being abrasive.

lush bubblegum scrub
Lush Cosmetics

Bubblegum Lip Scrub

A quick whiff of this stuff and you’ll be transported back to simpler times. The bubblegum scrub is made from finely ground castor sugar that’s suspended in an organic jojoba oil base. Rub a generous scoop over your lips to nix any flakes and lick off the excess if you please.

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