The 11 Best Italian Beauty Brands to Say Ciao to, According to 3 Italian Beauty Experts

La dolce vita

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Best Italian Beauty Brands
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Like Julia Roberts’s character in Eat, Pray, Love, we, too, seek out the dolce far niente, or the sweetness of doing nothing. Thus far we’ve tracked down the staples every Italian woman over 40 owns and narrowed down the items every chic Italian woman has in her closet, and now we’re onto makeup and skincare. Italian beauty brands run the gamut from luxe fashion houses like Prada beauty and Armani beauty to small, family-owned companies like Borghese Roma and Palermo Body but what they all have in common is a sense of carefree idleness. “When I think about my country and my origins, the first things that come to my mind are food and art, [and] this translates into Italian beauty brands I know. Incredible ingredients and great packaging are a given,” says Luczeria Del Papa, a co-founder of Italian skincare brand Olivella. Italian beauty does not follow trends, it sets them with its classic approach and deep-seeded Italian roots of the family. With the help from three Italian beauty experts, we vetted a list of the 11 best Italian beauty brands to shop now. Prego, bellas.

Meet the Experts

  • Cecilia Schena is the chief marketing officer at KIKO Milano. She has over two decades of experience in marketing and is based in Lombardy, Italy.
  • Elisa Giraudi is the co-owner of Kelemata Group and the chief executive officer at Perlier. She grew up in Italy working in the cosmetics industry alongside her father in the family business.
  • Lucrezia Del Papa is the co-founder and head of business development for Olivella, an Italian company pioneering the Mediterranean diet for your skin with formulas derived from 100 percent olive oil.

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1. Furtuna Skin

Furtuna Skin

This Sicilian skincare brand uses organic ingredients that are hand-harvested on an 800-acre estate in Italy. The Italian label has equal care for their land, heritage, community and skin, and approaches beauty from a holistic standpoint. Taking an ANTI-anti-aging perspective, the products, which include moisturizers, eye serums, creams, micellar cleansers and oils, are formulated to enhance your natural beauty with the most restorative ingredients straight from Sicily. Even the gorgeous packaging is made with intention; every glass bottle contains a special UV protection that prevents the degradation of their formulas. The brand is beloved by microbiologist-turned-content-creator Grece Ghanem, and some of her favorite products include the Visione Di Luce eye cream and the Biphase moisturizing oil, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and olive oil.

2. Acqua di Parma

Acqua di Parma

“Acqua di Parma is everywhere in the U.S. now,” says Del Papa. “It was first founded in 1916 in the city of Parma by a small manufacturing company that was making gentleman’s perfumes. The company was acquired by a larger group over the years but always kept its creative team linked to the Italian territory and [the] quality is always incredibly high.” Renowned for their tantalizing citrus and aromatic fragrances, you may be surprised to discover that Acqua di Parma carries bath and body products, too, from aftershave balms to luxurious hand creams and refreshing face balms. All of the products are made in Italy with the upmost craftsmanship and ingredients that reflect Italian nature.

3. Prada Beauty


Iconic Italian luxury brand Prada recently launched their first makeup line in 2023. There are soft and hyper matte lipsticks, refillable foundations and eye-shadow palettes encased in the sleek, silver reflective packaging with hints of gold and the brand’s distinctive triangular logo. “Miuccia Prada is an absolute idol for me,” gushes Del Papa. “Did you know that the first Prada store opened in 1913 in Milan? It was Mario Prada and his brother Martino, [and] they opened a leather shop. In the ‘70s, Miuccia Prada joined the family business and began to design accessories with Mr. Bertellli. The rest is history.” Prices range from $50 to upwards of $600 for travel pouches in the brand’s famous re-nylon material, and products come in an abundance of shades and colorways, too.

4. KIKO Milano

KIKO Milano

As Schena explains, Italian beauty is all about quality, harmony and most interestingly, contrast. “Italy has a unique talent for seamlessly blending contrasting elements and creating harmonious expressions. By fusing contrasting elements, we are able to achieve timeless and sophisticated aesthetics that appeal to a broad audience worldwide,” she explains. KIKO Milano, established in 1997, is a prime example of this and offers customers “the freedom to express themselves creatively, without compromising on quality, wearability or affordability.” Regardless of age or budget, KIKO Milano promises to deliver accessible makeup with the refined elegance that’s found in Italian women. Ciao bella, indeed.

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5. Gucci Beauty


While we’re familiar with the luxury house’s opulent ready-to-wear pieces and equestrian-inspired designs like the legendary horsebit-chain bags, their cosmetics collection is the most accessible component of the fashion house. Launched in 2014, the line consists of dreamy eyeshadow palettes, bronzers that apply like butter and matte lipsticks in a slew of shades, including signature Gucci plums, reds and browns. They even offer a broader product selection that includes nail polish and floral perfumes.

6. Borghese Roma

Borghese Roma

What began in 1957 as family remedies has since transformed into an Italian legacy. Founder Princess Marcella Borghese, a part of Roman Italian royalty, revolutionized the beauty landscape with her at-home spa approach. Finding inspiration in her family heritage, the Borghese Roma skin products were born. With many decades behind their craft and fundamental products like their mud masks, Borghese Roma is all about ‘me time’ and self-care.

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7. Georgio Armani Beauty

Armani Beauty

Elegance and refinement epitomize this Milan-founded luxury house. The innovative, cutting-edge formulas are widely known within the beauty landscape and preferred by many celebrity makeup artists today who want their clients to have a flawless complexion. Award-winning products from the Luminous Silk collection, developed for all skin types and skin tones, include the foundation, concealer and blush.

8. Perlier


“Perlier is an Italian beauty brand that specializes in creating skincare, bath, body and hair care products using natural ingredients mixed with the latest scientific discoveries,” says Giraudi.  One of the main ingredients used throughout the line: honey. “Perlier specialized in the use of honey in beauty more than 50 years ago.” Inspired by its ancient origins, you’ll find the natural and organic ingredient, which is sourced in Italy and found in many of their products, such as body balms, hand creams and liquid soaps. Giraudi goes on to explain that what makes Perlier a force amongst Italian beauty brands is that the company conducts their own research, studies, formulations, manufacturing and all the testing of its products, building a dedicated team of pharmacists, chemists, scientists and agricultural specialists.

9. Palermo Body

Palermo Body

This Italian-inspired brand creates skincare products that are grounded in earth-derived ingredients like essential omegas, chia seeds, coconut oil, olive oil, aloe vera and more to nurture your skin. Palermo products prioritize la dolce vita, aka the sweet life, and are meant to be incorporated into your daily self-care practices. From facial serums to face masks and soaps, there’s a lot to enjoy about this Italian approach to simplistic beauty.

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10. Prato Botanico

Prato Botanico

Made in Puglia, Italy, on an organic farm, Prato Botanico is an artisan Italian skincare brand made from heritage botanicals that are rich in vitamins, peptides and minerals designed to give you radiant, glowing skin. Their focus? Skincare that celebrates your natural beauty. There are plenty of standout products, including the calming cleanser—which is great for sensitive, blemish-prone skin—and uses ingredients like organic aloe vera and hyaluronic acid to calm and moisturize without stripping oils from your face and neck. And loyal customers rave about how soft and moisturizing the Smoothing Day cream is (and how it even doubles nicely as primer for foundation).

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11. Acqua di Bolgheri

Acqua di Bolgheri

Meet Acqua di Bolgheri, one of Del Papa’s favorite Italian brands that reminds her of Olivella’s debut products: soaps.  “Acqua di Bolgheri has an incredible soap line,” she says. They also have an assortment of bath foams, body lotions, shower gels and more. “Bolgheri is a small village in Tuscany very famous for its wines and incredible hills. The brand uses local ingredients and really knows how to tell its story.” The products consist of gentle formulas with ingredients like organic chamomile, olive oil and vitamin E, and fragrant notes like strawberry, almond, jasmine and sandal, to name a few.

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How Does Italian Beauty Differ from American Beauty?

“Italian beauty is built around enabling expression through qualitative products and inspiring combinations that might not seem obvious at first but open a world of possibilities for the customer,” says Schena. Giraudi simply says that Italian beauty takes a “less is more” approach, and it seeks to highlight a person’s natural skin. “In both Italian and American cultures, beauty is very important, and the love for skincare and makeup is deep-rooted, but the Italian approach is more minimalistic and timeless.” We see this in the Italians’ celebration of tradition, history, and the use of natural ingredients.

Schena agrees, finding that the main difference between Italian and American beauty is rooted in the approach to culture, with the Italians honoring tradition and Americans focusing more on trends. “[Italians] love to see people manifest their own visions and become part of a virtuous circle of creativity and inspiration that continuously drive [future trends].”

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