The 6 Best Hair Removal Creams for Every Part of Your Body

If you’re tired of shaving and find waxing too painful, you might want to check out a depilatory (or hair removal) cream. First, a quick primer on how they work: Hair removal creams use active ingredients like calcium hydroxide and sodium thioglycolate to break down the keratin proteins that make up your body hair, thereby dissolving them for easy removal with a washcloth.

Though they’ve been around for years (and were particularly popular in the ’90s), the formulas have received some major upgrades so they’re less likely to cause irritation. That said, not all hair removal creams are created equal. Some are better suited for your limbs, while others are safe to use on your face. Not sure what to use or where? We’ve broken down the best ones for every part of your body.

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best hair removal cream nair

1. Nair Leg Mask Exfoliate & Smooth

Best for Legs

Oh, the time we would have saved in our teenage years had this Nair leg mask been around. Smooth on an even layer like you would a face mask, leave it on for five to ten minutes (depending on your hair thickness) and then use a damp washcloth to whisk away the mask—and your leg hair with it. Not only does this leg mask tackle stubble, but it also has clay and seaweed in it to exfoliate dead skin cells and hydrate your limbs at the same time.

best hair removal cream nair hair remover glides away nourish with argan oil

2. Nair Hair Remover Cream Nourish Glides Away With Argan Oil

Best for Underarms

Tired of getting razor burn under your arms? Try swapping in this depilatory cream from Nair instead. Twist the bottom to dispense the cream and swipe it over your pits like you would a deodorant stick. Give it a few minutes to work its magic (per the instructions, make sure you don’t exceed ten minutes) and then gently wipe off with a damp washcloth before rinsing with lukewarm water. Thanks to argan oil and vitamin E in the formula, it’s one of the only hair removers that keeps our skin smooth and less irritated.

best hair removal cream neomen hair removal cream

3. Neomen Hair Removal Cream

Best for Bikini Line

Not all hair removal creams should be used on more sensitive areas like the bikini line. This one by Neomen, however, has aloe vera, vitamin E and baby oil in it to create a calming buffer for your skin as it dissolves that stubble. As one of the top-rated depilatory creams on Amazon, users praise the way it makes even stubborn hairs disappear without causing irritation. As one reviewer puts it, “It will definitely change how you keep your private parts maintained.”

best hair removal cream sally hansen cre 768 me hair remover kit for face

4. Sally Hansen Creme Hair Remover Kit For Face

Best for Upper Lip

To tackle peach fuzz on your cheeks or a mini mustache, we recommend this Sally Hansen duo of hair removal cream and moisturizing lotion. With skin-brightening pumpkin seed oil and soothing ingredients like vitamin E and bisabolol, it’s made for more delicate areas. That said, when applying any new product—especially to your face—always do a patch test on a smaller part of your skin (e.g., just behind your neck or on your inner arm) to make sure it doesn’t burn or itch before proceeding.

best hair removal cream gigi hair removal lotion

5. Gigi Hair Removal Lotion

Best for Forearms

When it comes to removing hair from your arms, we’ve found that nothing beats this gentle lotion that contains cocoa butter, vitamin C and cucumber. It’s more effective at removing finer hair—like the ones of your forearms—than the coarser hairs on your legs or bikini line. We also appreciate the delicate scent, which is the least, shall we say, noticeable of the depilatories we’ve tried.

$10 at Amazon

best hair removal cream veet gel hair removal cream

6. Veet Gel Hair Removal Cream

Best All Over

If you’re new to the world of hair removal creams, consider Veet Gel Hair Removal Cream your starter. This formula earns top marks for ease of use—particularly on larger surface areas like your arms and legs. With a pump applicator and a thick consistency, it spreads evenly across your skin and comes with a handy little spatula that you can use to swipe off the product once time is up. Add to that the aloe vera and vitamin E in the formula and it’s a no-brainer.

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