Bliss’s Hair Removal Kit Takes the Intimidation Out of Waxing (Promise!)

While shaving our legs is old hat, at-home waxing is an entirely different story. Alas, there is no better time than the present to try our hand at hair removal.

Thankfully, we don't have to go at it alone. Bliss's Poetic Waxing kit comes with a microwaveable mug to melt your wax in, two large and two small spatulas for easy spreading, a pre- and post-waxing oil to prevent ingrown hairs and a very detailed (and easy to follow) guide that walks you through every single step.

The wax itself is made from beeswax, lanolin and paraffin, which melts at a lower temperature so it's not too hot to apply to your skin, and the no-strip wax hardens quickly and grabs even the shortest, most stubborn hairs. Though you could use it on larger surface areas (like your legs), we've found that it's best suited for smaller areas, like your eyebrows and underarms. (It's also a great way to clean up those stray nose and ear hairs that crop up on your partner's face.)

A final tip that we learned through some rather painful practice: The quicker you rip the wax off, the less it will hurt. Trust us on that one.

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