The 13 Best Hair Removal Products That Actually Work

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It’s been over a month since we had an appointment at our fave waxing salon (miss you, Amber) and our brows, upper lip and bikini line are begging for some attention. So, it’s officially time to try our hand at-home hair removal. (We know, that's never a sentence we thought we’d say either). In the same boat? Here, the 13 best hair removal products that will help you maintain a smooth facade right in the comfort of your own home.

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1. Best Overall: Bliss Poetic Waxing Hair Removal Kit

Who says you have to buy five different kits for each area of your body? This hard wax kit from Bliss can be used anywhere from your eyebrows to your ankles, so you don’t have to waste your time (and money) on multiple products. The mixture of cruelty-free beeswax, lanolin and paraffin wax melts at a low temperature, ensuring that it hardens quickly on your skin and won’t be too hot upon application (be sure to test it on the inside of your wrist before use, just in case). Oh, and it comes with a pre- and post-waxing oil to minimize any irritation.

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2. Best Budget: Sally Hansen Hair Removal Wax Strip Kit

This is hands-down the most affordable waxing kit on the market. At just $7, you’ll get 34 wax strips that are pre-cut into small, medium and large sizes for your brow, face and bikini areas. Simply rub the strip between your palms to heat the wax, peel off the cover strip and apply to your desired area. Once you pull the strip off, you can remove any excess wax with the included Azulene oil. Note that some users with sensitive skin have complained of irritation with this Sally Hansen kit.

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3. Best Splurge: Lumarx Full Body Hair Removal System

Although it’s an expensive choice, this FDA-approved device gives some of the most long-lasting results of the bunch. Similar to a laser treatment from a dermatologist, this LumaRx tool uses bursts of light to target the root of your hair and disrupt future growth. Reviewers agree that it is slightly painful, but investing in numbing cream helps a bit. On the bright side, you’ll start to see results after only three sessions.

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4. Best For Facial Hair: Tinkle Eyebrow Razor (pack Of 6)

This small tool makes eliminating fine hairs between your brows, on your upper lip and wherever else you get peach fuzz a total breeze. Remove the plastic protective cover, swipe the tiny blade in small, downward strokes and watch as the excess hair disappears.

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5. Best For Arms, Underarms And Legs: Nads Natural Sugar Wax

Looking to banish your arm, underarm or leg hair for up to eight weeks? Say no more. This natural sugar wax warms up from your own body heat, so there’s no need to heat it beforehand. Smooth it on in the direction of your hair growth, immediately apply a strip on top and press it down, then hold the skin taught and quickly pull the strip off in the opposite direction of the hair growth. One buyer notes that the results on her legs and armpits were just about as good as the ones she's used to from the salon. Not bad, for a first try.

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6. Best For Bikini Area: Gigi Brazilian Bikini Wax & Essentials

Waxing your own bikini area is not an easy process, so you’ll want to make it as painless as possible. The first step? Choosing the right wax. Experts recommend using a hard wax for the bikini area because it’s able to grip the coarse hairs better. We’re partial to Gigi’s Brazilian Bikini Wax because it’s specifically designed for the sensitive area—and therefore ultra gentle. But don’t mistake gentle for ineffective, this stuff is top-rated across multiple sites.

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7. Best For Eyebrows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Precision Tweezers

OK, so maybe you don’t trust yourself to wax your own brows. We totally get it. But that doesn’t mean you have to let them get out of control before your next threading appointment. These Anastasia Beverly Hills Precision Tweezers will help you get rid of any obvious strays (just stay far away from your amazing arches). If you want to get really fancy, you can also invest in a pair of brow scissors to do a bit of trimming too.

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8. Best For Upper Lip: Flamingo Face Wax Kit

If you’re gonna wax your upper lip, wax strips are the way to go. With this kit, all you have to do is pull the strip apart (try to keep it even so you can use both sides), apply in the direction of the hair growth, pull your skin taught, then quickly pull the strip off in the opposite direction. And if you miss a spot, no worries. Each soft gel wax strip is good for at least two uses.

Buy It ($10)

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9. Best Razor: Billie Razor

This razor scored a 4.7/5 during PureWow’s in-depth razor test and since then, our editors’ love for it has only grown. It happens to be my all-time favorite because it leaves my legs feeling smoother than any other brand I’ve tried—and those results last longer, too. Plus, it’s super affordable at only $9 for the starter kit (which includes the razor, an extra razor cartridge and a cool magnetic holder that sticks onto your shower wall).

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Bed Bath and Beyond

10. Best Cream: Veet Gel Cream Sensitive Formula

OK, this stuff is every lazy girl’s dream. Just apply it to your desired area (this formula should only be used on the arms, underarms legs and bikini line), wait five to ten minutes, then use the included spatula to wipe away and rinse off any excess. The cream is enhanced with aloe vera and vitamin E to ensure that your skin doesn’t dry out afterwards, too.

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Bed Bath and Beyond

11. Best Epilator: Braun Silk-épil 9 Epilator Bonus Edition

Meant for either wet or dry skin, this epilator comes with a shaver head, trimmer cap, massage head and tweezing cap. Reviewers praise the switchable heads and swear by their hair-removing prowess. Crowd-sourced tip: One particular user recommends buying witch hazel to accompany the device, since it’s pretty powerful and can leave skin red or irritated if left untreated. The bonus is Braun’s facial cleansing brush which is included free of charge.

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Bed Bath and Beyond

12. Best Facial Device: Finishing Touch Flawless Hair Remover

It may look a bit intimidating, but users swear by this gadget’s ability to painlessly remove hair anywhere on the face. The Flawless Hair Remover uses battery-powered spinning technology to remove fine hairs. Hot tip: buy an extra to stick in your purse or car for last minute touch-ups (you know, when leaving the house is an option again).

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13. Best Bikini Trimmer: Panasonic Bikini Trimmer And Shaper

We know, we know, it’s tempting to just give in and shave, given that we won’t be able to get a professional bikini wax for a while. But that’ll just make things harder (and more painful) when you do eventually go back to the salon. Instead, opt for a bikini trimmer like this one. Five trim settings let you control the cutting length, while hypoallergenic blades ensure that even the most sensitive skin doesn’t get irritated.

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