The 16 Best Gel Blush Brands for a Sunkissed Flush

We love blush in all different textures but have found that a gel or liquid formula works better during the summer months. As Karol Rodriguez, a New York based makeup artist attests, “Gel blushes blend more seamlessly into the skin and have a more radiant finish than powder blushes, which is why I prefer using them this time of year.”

We’ll walk you through some expert picks and offer pro application tips. But first...

Meet the Experts:

Karol Rodriguez, New York City based makeup artist

Judi Gabbay, celebrity makeup artist based in New York

Shadi Malek, celebrity makeup artist based in Los Angeles

Karol Rodriguez, New York City based makeup artist

Judi Gabbay, celebrity makeup artist based in New York

Shadi Malek, celebrity makeup artist based in Los Angeles

1. Maybelline New York Cheek Heat Gel-cream Blush
Pro Pick

“I like to use Maybelline New York Cheek Heat on days where I'm wearing minimal makeup. You only need a pea-sized amount and I like to blend it between my fingertips before dabbing the product onto the apples of my cheeks and upwards to create a glowy, flushed look,” shares Rodriguez.

2. Monika Blunder Liquid Flush Cheek Tint Blush
Editor’s Pick

I’ve been wearing this blush nonstop since I got my hands on it a month ago. The forgiving formula is easy to blend and enhances your glow in a way that makes it look like you spent a day at the beach. On that note: To get the sunburnt look that’s trending on TikTok, add a bit to the bridge of your nose and blend outwards.

3. Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush
Best Pigmentation

With 11 shades in both matte and dewy finishes, you can easily find a match for your skin tone and desired finish. No matter which one you choose, you’ll be delighted by its super pigmented formula and creamy texture.

4. Glossier Cloud Paint
Best for Oily Skin

Does your makeup tend to slide off your face by mid-afternoon? Try this long-lasting cheek stain from Glossier. The gel-cream formula packs a ton of color with the tiniest dab and leaves your cheeks flushed and never streaky. Tip: “Mix two different shades to create your own custom color,” shares Rodriguez.

5. Nars Liquid Blush In “orgasm”
The Cult Favorite

“NARS’ ‘Orgasm’ is a staple in my kit because of its easy glide on skin and buildable formula. You can use this under powder blush for more staying power, or alone for a sheer, natural look,” says Gabbay.

6. Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Highlighter Wand
Most Flattering

“Charlotte Tilbury’s tinted highlighter in ‘Pinkgasm’ and ‘Peachgasm’ have sold out so many times for good reason. It’s basically a highlighter and a blush in one, with a sponge tip applicator for on-the-go glow,” shares Gabbay.

7. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Blush
Best for Dry Skin

“If you’re a minimalist and looking for a quick, long-lasting blush, try this one. It gives you a soft tint and up to 12 hours of hydration, which will help dry skin appear more supple and youthful. I especially love the shades ‘Provence,’ ‘Corsica’ and ‘Croisette,’ says Gabbay.

8. Saie Beauty Dew Blush
Best for a Dewy Finish

“I’m obsessing over the Saie dew blush right now. It lays so perfectly on the skin, as if it’s melting into the skin and becoming one with it. The shade range is also unique in my opinion, and I love the color payoff. My favorite way to apply it is to dab it onto cheeks using the doe foot applicator and then blend it in with a moist Beautyblender sponge,” says Malek.

9. Giorgio Armani Neo Nude A-line Liquid Blush
Best Splurge

“Armani neo nude blushes are also a favorite. They’re so small, yet so powerful in terms of pigment—a little goes a long way. I love the way this blush feels glossy, but will also last all day on your skin,” shares Malek.

10. Freck Beauty Cheekslime Blush + Lip Tint
Best Vegan Formula

“Freck Beauty’s Cheekslime is also a new go-to of mine. This product has no applicator, but you can apply it directly onto your skin and then buff it out with a brush or a sponge. The finish feels really natural and sun-kissed,” says Malek.

11. Chantecaille Cheek Gelée
Best for Mature Skin

Ever since I gifted my mom a tube of this blush years ago, she routinely asks for another whenever she’s close to running out. According to her that’s because it “feels silky going on and doesn’t cling to fine lines like some other blushes do.”

12. Youthforia Byo Blush
The Internet Darling

Don’t be alarmed by the green tint of this TikTok-famous blush. The shade-shifting hue reacts to your skin's natural pH as you blend it in, resulting in the perfect shade for your cheeks every time.

13. Danessa Myricks Beauty Vision Flush
Best Multitasker

If your makeup M.O. is "one and done," you'll love this versatile color. Swipe it over your cheeks, lips and eyelids for an all-over monochromatic glow in minutes.

14. Best for Beginners

Just a couple of finger taps will blend this blush out into a sheer wash of color that makes your face look more alive without necessarily looking like you’re wearing makeup. (Hence, the name.)

15. Nyx Professional Makeup Sweet Cheeks
Best Drugstore

Leave it to NYX to nail gel blush—and still manage to keep the price at a palatable ten bucks. Use the doe-foot applicator to dot on the creamy formula and blend it out with your fingertips for a smooth, satin finish. (Tip: You won't need much. Two to three small dots should more than suffice.)

16. Ilia Color Haze Multi-use Pigment
Best Clean Option

Note: The color comes on strong at first. Rest assured, it becomes sheerer as you blend it in, at which point it melts into your skin for the most seamless finish. You can also tap a little onto your lips while you’re at it for a coordinated look.

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