'Bedtime Perfume' Is Trending on TikTok—Here Are 17 Scents for a Better Slumber

Sweet dreams

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Getting ready for bed looks different for everybody. Some people enjoy their 12-step skincare routines, while others simply take a makeup wipe to the face before slipping into their sheets. But there’s one thing most of us can agree on: We all want to feel good when we catch our z’s.

As of writing, PerfumeTok (the perfume community on TikTok) has been adding perfume to their bedtime rituals with some videos reaching over 90 million views. Given that scent is a multi-faceted sense, proponents of bedtime perfume are saying it can help calm us down and lull us to the land of dreams. We scoured the web, vetted editors and combed through reviews to gather the best bedtime perfumes on the market, before narrowing the list down further to just 17 favorites. Plus, we chatted with Ashley Boyce, one of the founders of Noteworthy Scents, to better understand why you might want to add this extra step to your bedtime regime.

Meet the Expert

Ashley Boyce is one of the founders of Noteworthy Scents, a fine fragrance company. Boyce has over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry having worked for Unilever in a number of different positions and now acts as Noteworthy’s chief marketing officer. She has a masters of professional studies degree in cosmetics and fragrance marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology. In addition, she serves as an event specialist for the Fashion Institute of Technology Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management Alumni Committee.

Why Are Bedtime Perfumes Trending Now? 

“I think this recent resurgence of wearing bedtime perfume leans into some of these other macro trends around luxury and self-care," says Boyce. "For many years, a lot of routines were just, ‘How quickly can I get it done? How quickly can I get ready in the morning? How quickly can I get ready at night?’ And now [we’re] back to slower living. I think a resurgence in wanting to take more time with these things creates more separation between what you do during the day versus what you do at night.”

By wearing perfume at morning and night, you're starting and ending your day in the same way, which creates a nice ritual. And when it comes to choosing how your day begins and ends, you’ll want to consider how a fragrance makes you feel.

What Makes a Fragrance Work for Bedtime?

Boyce and her business partner scoured the Noteworthy Scent reviews to see what consumers were looking for in a bedtime perfume and found that people’s preferences correlated to what the individual was trying to accomplish in their sleep routine, whether it was relaxation, better sleep, calming anxiety or something different.

“Some people were saying, ‘I just love it so much that I want to go to sleep smelling it.’ Another reviewer mentioned that they have high levels of anxiety, and smelling the perfume actually helped ease their nerves. As we know scent can be quite a triggering sensation for many people. She also mentioned that some consumers expressed concern about wearing fragrance to bed because they didn’t want the scent to be fighting with whatever they were going to wear the next day, while others wanted  to wake up smelling like the scent  they loved because they associated it with themselves.

How Do You Choose a Bedtime Perfume?

For Boyce, her preferences lean toward fragrances that have some warmth to them and she enjoys musks, as they can be “so cocooning [and] because scent is so closely linked to memory. She opts toward scent profiles that are lactonic and mimic the aroma of skin and likes fragrances that err on the fresh side. Boyce also prefers to avoid scents that remind her of a special occasion and would rather keep those events and bedtime separate. “Those feel like two very different things in terms of what my overall energy might be,” she says. For bedtime she says, “I lean into more musks, more woods, the more calming [scents] or the things we know are linked to relaxation, like a lavender, for example.”

Since fragrance is a deeply personal category, and everyone's preferences can be wildly different, Boyce and her co-founder wanted to help consumers find specific ways to discover scent profiles that they'll love by utilizing AI. Customers can take a personalized fragrance quiz on Noteworthy's site to find scents that may resonate with them. [Ed note: When I took the quiz, it asked for my opinions on everything from my birth year to whether I enjoyed the scent of mothballs or beer and what kinds of fragrance families I gravitated toward.]

What Fragrance Concentration Should You Look For?

If you’ve ever looked at a fragrance bottle and saw the words ‘eau de toilette or’ ‘eau de parfum,’ this indicates  the concentration of fragrance oil in the perfume in ratio to the base (typically alcohol). For bedtime use, the concentration of fragrance is something you want to be particularly mindful of—whether you’re spraying yourself, pillows or sheets.

So, what is the ideal strength for a bedtime perfume? “It depends on what you're looking for,” Boyce says, “If you're someone who wants to be able to smell the scent the next morning, then I would go for an eau de parfum because [of] its staying power. If you're someone who just wants to smell a fragrance as you drift off to bed, then I might say go for an eau de toilette because it's a little bit lighter. All of ours [Noteworthy Scents] happen to be eau de parfums, so they're a bit stronger.”

Where Should You Spray Bedtime Perfume?

Boyce recommends starting at the pulse points that are closest to your nose like your neck, wrists and behind the ears. "Usually if you're wearing a fragrance to bed, it's more about you than it is about other people. For many people, it is a solo endeavor. Even if you share a bed with somebody, you're not typically right next to them. Whereas I think a lot of times if you're wearing fragrance during the day, it is more of an outward projection.”

After spraying your pulse points, Boyce recommends misting your pillows and sheets if you’d like to have the scent in your vicinity. This will ensure that the perfume has a surface to cling to, so you’ll be able to enjoy the scent more fully. “I probably wouldn't spray the air because it'll dissipate more quickly,” she adds. The idea behind this order of spraying is to ensure that the perfume has a surface to cling to. Starting with yourself, your pillows and your sheets will help to accomplish this. You’ll be able to enjoy the scent more fully if it’s radiating off of you instead of temporarily lingering and then diffusing in the air around you.

What to Consider When Using a Bedtime Perfume

In finding your perfect bedtime scent, you’ll want to take a couple of things into consideration. Knowing your personal fragrance preferences is the most important thing to remember. Do you like fresh and woody notes? Sweet and smoky scents? The combinations are endless, so understanding your nose and what it likes is key.

You’ll also want to be cognizant of how certain scents react to your skin. Fragrance will not smell the same on everyone. Your chemical makeup might make something that smells wonderful on someone else not work for you. Finally, knowing how intensely you’d like to smell your fragrance will clue you into what type of fragrance concentration you should seek out whether that’s a parfum, eau de parfum, eau de toilette or cologne.

What’s comforting to know is that because so much of finding a fragrance relies on personal preferences, you really can’t go wrong.

Below we gathered a variety of scents in a range of fragrance families and olfactory notes so there’s something for everyone.

17 Bedtime Perfumes to Try

  • Fragrance Concentration: eau de parfum
  • Fragrance Family: natural, fresh, floral, powdery
  • Olfactory Notes: apple, rosewood, milk, jasmine, ozone, benzyl salicylate, woods, musk

Known as Noteworthy’s ‘skin scent,’ this combination of notes smells like nostalgia in a bottle. Made up of musky and powdery scents with a hint of floral freshness, it reminds us of a warm embrace shared with a loved one (perhaps mom when she'd curl up with you to read a bedtime story?) If you’re looking for something a little different, Noteworthy’s got a slew of other mesmerizing scents. Some of our other favorites include n,602, n,271, and n,290, which happens to be our assistant commerce editor, Natalie LaBarbera’s newest obsession. “It has a soothing vanilla smell that's one of those scents that so strongly reminds me of something familiar that I just can't put my finger on. It's inspired by jazz music, according to the brand, and I definitely get that vibe!” she says.

  • Fragrance Concentration: eau de parfum
  • Fragrance Family: woody, fruity, powdery 
  • Olfactory Notes: bergamot, rhubarb, Lady of the Night, honey,responsibly-sourced sandalwood, almond milk 

The name says it all. Divine Moon is full of rich and creamy notes and one of the five perfumes that make up the brand’s aptly named “Essence of Dreams” Collection. Associate fashion commerce editor, Stephanie Meraz shares, “Divine Moon is truly divine. If you want to smell beautiful and feel sultry for bed, this is your gal. It has a subtle sweetness to it that’s both enticing and calming, and it’s composed of an intoxicating blend of floral, honey and citrus notes that’s balanced by a base of soothing almond milk. It’s one of those heady yet delicate perfumes that feels like it was meant for a romantic evening.”

  • Fragrance Consentration: eau de toilette
  • Fragrance Family: floral, fresh
  • Olfactory Notes: Damascena rose, Centifolia rose, litchi accord, ambroxan, artichoke

A nod to two different kinds of roses, this alluring scent is associate SEO editor Marissa Wu’s favorite of all time. “The toilette means it's lighter than the perfume and it's just so fresh and lovely. The secret is artichoke! It gives a fresh, lychee, right from the garden scent. It's not too heady but feels elegant. Toss me a pair of silk pajamas and I'm g2g,” she says.

  • Fragrance Consentration: eau de toilette
  • Fragrance Family: fresh, fruity
  • Olfactory Notes: citron, jasmine, teakwood

As a person who doesn’t typically wear scent to bed, assistant sales and deals editor Destinee Scott was delighted by how much she loved ‘Chance Eau Fraîche’ for bedtime. “I wore this perfume to bed by accident and surprisingly, I didn't hate it. I'm not big on lotion or anything heavily scented before bed (because, uh, allergies), but this is super light and fresh (it has notes of citron, jasmine and teakwood). It just makes you feel elegant.”

  • Fragrance Concentration: eau de toilette 
  • Fragrance Family: warm, spicy, bordering gourmand
  • Olfactory Notes: coffee accord, red apple accord, lemon essence, lavender essence, spearmint essence, orange flower absolute, milk mousse accord, sandalwood essence, cedarwood essence 

Inspired by different times and places, Replica perfumes span a variety of scent families and olfactory profiles, but ‘Coffee Break’ hits all the right marks. This fragrance is supposed to transport the user to Stockholm in 2007 and it truly smells like you’ve walked into a bustling cafe in the middle of a busy city looking for refuge from the crowds. The scent somehow manages to be both fresh and exciting, while also warm, spicy and familiar.

  • Fragrance Concentration: eau de parfum
  • Fragrance Family: woody, fruity, musky
  • Olfactory Notes: orange blossom absolute, pomegranate, bergamot, jasmine absolute, honey, Florentine orris, musk, cedarwood, firewood smoke, cade wood, Oislet de Chypre (a resinous accord dating from the 17th century)

Arquiste is another brand that focuses on setting its fragrances in a particular time, place and scenario in history. According to their site, L’Or de Louis “evokes the moments when Louis XIV and his Court would visit the Grand Orangery to delight in the flowering orange trees warmed by bonfires.” To that end, the fragrance smells like you’ve just camped out in a field of oranges, the fire still crackling as the sun rises up over the misty air. Zesty and smoky, this eau de parum lends itself to inspiring tantalizing and magnetic dreams. 

  • Fragrance Concentration: perfume oil
  • Fragrance Family: floral, woody
  • Olfactory Notes: tuberose, citrus, ylang ylang, amber

This perfume is like inhaling a wonderfully fragrant bouquet of flowers. Heady, floral, fruity and a bit minty fresh, this scent sets the stage for relaxation. Rub the roll-on onto your temples and behind the ears for a deeply tranquil experience. According to the brand, the multi-use oil has been energetically charged and “lovingly amplified with healing reiki energy from Pink Moon Founder, Lin Chen.” The bottle is also filled with amethyst crystal chips to help strengthen your connection to psychic abilities and otherworldly endeavors.

  • Fragrance Concentration: eau de toilette 
  • Fragrance Family: fresh, beachy, cool
  • Olfactory Notes: aloe vera essence, green tea verjus, melon de cavaillon, cardamom absolute, aqua de colonia, ozone, tonic, minibar gin, resort towel plush, open weave linen

Taking a whiff of “After Sun” by Vacation is like slathering yourself in an aloe cream after a long day at the beach and then curling up in a plush cotton towel. It’s got an overall freshness to it, thanks to a heavy dose of cool aloe vera–one of the top notes in the fragrance. It’s on the lighter side and the eau de toilette concentration means that it won’t overwhelm the nose too much while you’re trying to drift off to the sea of dreams.

  • Fragrance Concentration: eau de parfum
  • Fragrance Family: gourmand, woody, spicy, warm
  • Olfactory Notes: dark rum, davana, honey (vegan), bran absolute, cinnamon, sandalwood, vanilla Bean, cocoa absolute

Ellis Brooklyn’s ‘Bee’ perfume is deep, sultry, heady and sweet with notes of dark rum, vanilla, cinnamon, sandalwood and most importantly honey. It somehow captures the essence of a warm dollop of the golden stuff. Once you get your hands on this, you’ll be like Pooh with his pots, full, cozy and ready for a big ol’ nap.

  • Fragrance Concentration: eau de parfum
  • Fragrance Family: woody, gourmand
  • Olfactory Notes: violet fig, muguet musk, blonde woods

Like a walk through the woods with a steaming cup of chai tea on a crisp autumn’s morning, Chai Épicé from Le Monde Gourmand is sure to relax your senses as you nuzzle up in a blanket and prepare for sweet dreams. With floral notes lurking just below the surface, this perfume is a treat for the nose and the mind. And if you’re looking for something nuttier and sweeter, Pistachio Milk is also a solid contender. [Ed note: Pistachio Milk is one of my all-time favorite scents.]

  • Fragrance Concentration: mist
  • Fragrance Family: woody, floral
  • Olfactory Notes: English lavender, chamomile, patchouli (and some smaller amounts of additional essential oils)

The perfect night’s sleep can definitely be captured with Neom’s namesake product. Specifically made for misting everything from your pillows to your sheets, this fragrance has heady woody and floral notes that make you want to close your eyes and breathe in deeply. [Ed note: I've been using this for a couple of months before bed on my sheets and pillows and my sleep has been nothing but sweet and calming ever since.]

  • Fragrance Concentration: eau de parfum
  • Fragrance Family: powdery, warm, musky
  • Olfactory Notes: amber, musk, powder

Want to smell fresh, clean and full of youth? ‘Labdinum 18’ from Le Labo is your answer. Powdery and musky, this fragrance is the grown up version of smelling like a tiny tot fresh out of the shower. Le Labo dubs this scent “an enigma” because it “doesn't conform to any of the laws of perfumery.” The brand says that “though it has a strong concentration of amber notes, with animal intonations of civet and castoreum, it remains a perfume that's discreet on your skin, even though everything is combined to make it a power bomb.”

  • Fragrance Concentration: eau de parfum
  • Fragrance Family: woody, fresh, fruity
  • Olfactory Notes: muguet, fresh citrus, white woods, magnolia, vetiver, sandalwood, amber woods, musk

Hidden in the fog, Henry Rose’s namesake fragrance is a mysterious scent full of woody and citrus notes. As one Henry Rose  reviewer, Samantha, explained that it “smell[s] like fog dancing in a green meadow, silhouette of white lilies with dew drops kissing your skin." Curious, citrusy dreams await with this alluring eau de parfum.

  • Fragrance Concentration: eau de parfum
  • Fragrance Family: woody, gourmand
  • Olfactory Notes: bitter almond, black cherry, cherry liqueur, sour cherry, plum, Turkish rose, jasmine sambac, tonka bean, vanilla, cinnamon, Peru balsam, benzoin, sandalwood, cloves, cedar, patchouli, vetiver

Nothing like a little nightcap to end the evening. This sensual perfume has notes of bitter almond, cherry liqueur, vanilla and cedar. One whiff and it feels like coming home to a warm bed after having a cocktail at a chic bar. Spritzing this on just before you tuck in will lull you to sleep with dizzying dreams of cherries dancing in your head.

  • Fragrance Concentration: eau de toilette
  • Fragrance Family: spicy, gourmand
  • Olfactory Notes: powdery spiced vanilla blend

If you’re looking for a straight up vanilla scent, this is the one. Though its label simply states, “Vanille,” it’s anything but boring. Spicy, warm, woody and sweet, it’s layered and luscious and oh so heavenlylike digging into a bowl of ice cream made with fancy vanilla straight from the pod. One of the chicest things about the fragrance is its art nouveau-style packaging with intricate Alphonse Mucha-esque florals and vintage-looking typeface. 

  • Fragrance Concentration: eau de parfum
  • Fragrance Family: woody, spicy
  • Olfactory Notes: ripe fig, burnt white wood

Alluring and woody with a tinge of natural sweetness, 11:11 by Sunday Forever is like walking through a wild and untamed forest filled with sun-ripened fruit. Slightly spiced and just a little bit intoxicating, this eau de parfum will have you wanting to sniff yourself as you snuggle up for a night full of wistful dreams. P.S. It's limited edition, so grab it while you can.

  • Fragrance Concentration: body and hair mist
  • Fragrance Family: sweet, gourmand, woody
  • Olfactory Notes: pink pepper, pink apple, sugar crystals, lily, jasmine petals, cashmere wood, benzoin, vanilla, sandalwood, agarwood

Though executive managing editor, Catrina Yohay, isn’t typically drawn to vanilla scents, something about this seductive mixture captured her attention. “It's sweet and sassy right out of the bottle but settles into this dreamy concoction that, as the name suggests, smells like skin wrapped up in some kind of expensive cashmere: warm and woodsy yet lived in and grounding. I love spritzing it on after an evening shower. Since it's a body mist, it's lighter and less intense than a perfume.” And it’s so good that it’s sold out on Phlur’s site and Sephora, but you’re in luck because they have a waitlist.

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