Here Are 6 Beauty Trends We’re Saying Goodbye to in 2022 (From Soap Brows to Skittles Manicures)

There’s no denying that trends have a shorter lifespan these days. Thanks to platforms like TikTok, the trend cycle continues to spin faster than we can keep up with at times. (See: Skinny jeans, which were out, then in ironically, then back out again). However, there are a few things—six to be precise—we’re certain won’t be coming with us in 2022 for various reasons, which we’ll get into below.

The Biggest Beauty Trend That Will Absolutely Rule 2022

beauty trends out in 2022 maximalist skincare
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1. Maximalist Skincare Routines

Remember stacked shelfies and 10-step skincare routines? Yeah, that’s not really happening anymore. Whether you’re a stressed-out student—or a burned out working professional and/or parent, the appeal of a streamlined cabinet or countertop (less clutter!) and fewer steps (more time back!) is high. Instead of the more is more approach we were taking pre-pandemic, we’re adopting more of a minimalist take, which has already been shorthanded as “skinimalism.” Think: Cleanser, one targeted serum to address specific skin concerns, sunscreen for day and moisturizer for night.

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beauty trends out in 2022 megawatt highlighter
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2. Megawatt Highlighter

Goodbye to dolphin, glass and glazed donut skin. The era of all-over, megawatt highlighter is coming to a close, however temporarily. This is not to say that highlighter as a whole is going away; it’s just softening up, so the overall effect is less dewy and wet, and more luminous.

beauty trends out in 2022 soap brows
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3. Soap Brows

As Dani Kimiko Vincent, celebrity brow expert and founder of Kimiko shared with us recently: “The brow lamination look is still sticking around, as lifted brows that open up the eyes are always flattering. However, this trend will take on a softer form than a soap brow, which can actually appear two dimensional.” In its place, a more subtle take that’s “still fanned in the front but employs a less exaggerated lift throughout.” Try using a flexible clear gel to fluff and pick up the front hairs, then gradually taper the lift throughout the last two thirds of the brow.

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beauty trends out in 2022 wet hair look
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4. Wet Hair Look

Not long ago, we couldn’t look at a red carpet, fashion show or Instagram feed without coming across someone rocking a wet, slicked back style. Alas, the look is on hiatus until further notice, so you can put away those bottles of gel and pomade. What we’re seeing instead are fun, throwback looks that celebrate your natural texture a la space buns and high puff hairstyles that tease out volume.

beauty trends out in 2022 multicolor manicures
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5. Skittles Manicures

We will always have a soft spot for multi-colored manis. Personal feelings aside, it does appear that the look is taking a backseat to nailscapes, or landscape-style designs that evoke the calming visuals found in nature. According to our pals at Pinterest, searches for “galaxy nail art” and “desert nails” are continuing to gain traction, as are “aurora nails” and “geode nail art,” which makes sense given the turbulent times we’re in.

beauty trends out in 2022 contouring
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6. Cookie-cutter Contouring

We’ve all seen the tutorials that instruct us to paint dark stripes across our faces to achieve the “ideal” oval face shape. But these days, sculpting razor-sharp cheekbones feels a little arduous for a grocery run or working from our kitchens. This year, we’re stepping away from cookie-cutter Instagram makeup and coming to accept, even accentuate, our distinct features. Let those freckles shine, skip that nose contouring and lighten up on the brow gel.

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