Yep, Argan Oil Totally Lives Up to the Hype (and Here’s Why)

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Argan oil is also commonly known as “liquid gold,” and frankly, we can’t argue with that. It’s a superfood for hair and skin, packing in everything from age-defying antioxidants to hydrating omega fatty acids. But we bet you didn’t know it’s also an amazing acne fighter, razor burn healer and UV blocker. We’re breaking it down below.

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So, what is argan oil?
Argan oil comes from the nut of the Argan tree which only grows in Southwestern Morocco. Local women harvest the oil entirely by hand in fair trade co-ops—from cracking the nuts between two stones to extracting the raw kernels to grinding and kneading them for hours. It’s a centuries’ old technique that takes each woman three days to make just one liter of oil. So yeah, it's pretty valuable.

What are the benefits of using Argan oil?
It’s full of great stuff (think antioxidants, vitamin E and essential omega fatty acids, just to name a few), so it’s a super-hydrating and soothing moisturizer for your hair and body. It also has anti-inflammatory qualities that help control oil production, making it a great option for blemish-prone skin types.

How do you use it?
To combat razor bumps: Massage a few drops of argan oil onto the affected area once a day. Its anti-inflammatory properties will calm any redness and swelling, while vitamin E can help speed along the healing process and reduce the risk of scarring.

For anti-aging: Use it as the final step to your morning and nightly beauty routines (it’s light enough for day but potent enough for night) for an extra-youthful glow. All the antioxidants help prevent damage from free radicals and UV radiation that can make your skin look older.

For shiny hair: Add two to three drops to your palms, rub hands together and run your fingers through the lengths and ends of hair to add shine and tame frizz. The beauty oil seals the hair cuticles, giving dry and frazzled locks new life. Just be sure to skip your scalp or risk greasy-looking strands.

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