7 Drugstore Beauty Products We're Most Excited to Try in 2019

From portable mask sticks to frizz-smoothing sheets, 2019 is poised to be quite a good year for the drugstore aisles. We’ve got the scoop on the year’s coolest innovations before they hit shelves so you can keep an eye out for them during your next TP run.

The Best Drugstore Beauty Brands to Keep in Your Makeup Bag

olay mask sticks

Olay Mask Sticks

Finally, a clay mask without the mess of scooping and slathering (and basically getting it all over your face and hair and collar get the point). Choose from three formulas: glow-boosting, pore-detoxing or skin-refreshing. All of them are packed with clarifying kaolin clay and a hit of glycerin for added moisture. Just swipe the stick over your skin, let sit for ten minutes and rinse clean. 

To buy ($14)

tresemme anti frizz sheets

Tresemmé Anti-frizz Smoothing Sheets

Pop one of these slim sheets into your purse for on-the-go smoothing whenever you need. We like to swipe one over our strands after a workout (especially when there’s no time for a shower). Infused with hydrating oils and vitamin E, it nixes frizz and adds a hint of shine instantly.

$5; Available at drugstores January 2019.

loreal unlimited mascara
L'Oréal Paris

L'oréal Paris Unlimited Mascara

You haven’t seen a brush like this before. With a wand that bends two ways, you can use the straight edge to really get into the roots of your lashes and subtly lengthen them; the bent edge lifts and curls them to finish.

$13; Available at drugstores January 2019.

garnier sleek shot

Garnier Sleek Shot In-shower Styler

Remember the glass hair trend? It isn’t going anywhere. Thankfully, this smoothing serum can help cut down on all of the blow drying and flatironing typically required to achieve such silky results. Formulated with flexible polymers and argan oil, all you have to do is mix equal parts serum with shampoo to make your hair shiny and sleek with every wash. (Plus, the fruity-floral scent is absolutely divine.)

To buy ($5)

sally hansen mega strength
Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen Mega Strength Polish

If you’ve noticed that your nails are splitting or peeling more than usual, you might want to swipe one of these polishes. Fortified with platinum powder, it’s like a protein shake for dry, brittle nails. Choose from 30 shades from a Meghan Markle-esque navy blue to a classic cherry red.

$6; Available at drugstores January 2019.

neutrogena cheeky wink bouncy blush

Neutrogena Cheeky Wink Blush

This forgiving blush will make your face come alive with a few pats of color. Sheer and buildable, you can easily smooth it over your skin without having to worry about streaks or an uneven application.

$7; Available at drugstores January 2019.

no7 match made foundation drops
No 7

No7 Match Made Drops

Always have a hard time finding your shade? Now, you can create your own custom color with these pigmented drops that can be added to your existing foundation (to brighten or deepen the formula) or to your face lotion for a bespoke tinted moisturizer.

$15; Available at drugstores January 2019.

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