Anna Victoria Explains Why Fad Diets and Workouts Don't Work—and What Actually Does

It seems like there's a new workout plan or diet popping up every day that promises incredible results, quickly. But for many wellness experts, those get-fit-quick schemes are nothing more than, well, schemes. 

That misguided approach to wellness—and what we should be doing instead—is covered in this week's episode of  ‘Your Best Life,’ a new podcast hosted by Anna Victoria, the CEO and founder of the Fit Body app, that's produced by our parent company, Gallery Media Group. 

This week, Anna chats with Jordan Syatt, a personal strength coach, nutrition coach and the founder of Syatt Fitness. Jordan takes a science-based approach to wellness, strength and health training. He also holds several powerlifting world records, and can deadlift four times his bodyweight. (Not too shabby, huh?)

During their conversation, Jordan talks about how being turned away for an internship at a traditional gym led him on a path to dive into a science-based gym internship, and why he thinks walking is the best exercise you can do. On the topic of non-fancy workouts, both Anna and Jordan agree that consistency—not constantly jumping from one trendy workout and diet to another—is the key to achieving lasting results. 

Jordan also explains why he does intense eating challenges—like his viral Big Mac Challenge. For that one, he ate one McDonald's Big Mac every day for a month and lost seven pounds. What?! The point of the experiment, according to Jordan, was to disprove the idea of "bad" foods and to stress the importance of moderation in diet and exercise. All in all, the two promote an accessible approach to food and fitness—a refreshingly doable path to health that doesn't require an advanced nutrition degree. 

In case you missed last week's episode, Anna spoke to Dr. Jolene Brighten, women's health naturopathic medical doctor and author of Beyond the Pill. The two cover a wide range of hot-button women's health issues, including the blatant sexism found in medicine (like labeling PMS as hysteria—eye roll).  On the subject of gender bias, Dr. Brighten reveals that studies have shown time and time again that women are more likely to have their pain dismissed and not receive adequate care. Instead, women are often told that they're being too anxious or paranoid, and that they should go home and have a glass of wine to take the edge off.

We're counting down the days to next week's installment. (Remember: New episodes are available every Tuesday wherever you get your podcasts.)

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