Anna Victoria Dispels the Idea of ‘The Perfect Diet’ on Her Latest Podcast

Like pants and haircuts, diets aren't one-size-fits-all. That's the point of this week's episode of  ‘Your Best Life,’ a new podcast hosted by Anna Victoria, the CEO and founder of the Fit Body app, that's produced by our parent company, Gallery Media Group. 

In this episode, ‘Past Experiences Define Future Transformations,’ Anna sits down with Ethan Suplee, an actor best known for his roles in movies like American History X, Remember the Titans and Blow. Throughout his life, Ethan struggled with obesity, once weighing 530 pounds. He's since gone through a complete physical transformation, losing more than 200 pounds and documenting his pursuit of health and fitness on his new podcast, ‘American Glutton.’

During their conversation, Ethan tells Anna about how his secretive eating as a child spiraled into other aspects of his life, and how his obsessive personality plays into his health and well-being. Ethan reveals that the first time he decided to go on a diet, he wasn't thinking about becoming the size he is now; he was thinking about how much of a burden his life had become because of his weight. In that moment, he decided that getting healthier could be the key to having a better life. 

Helpfully, the two also discuss how everyone's body is different, and that there's no one "perfect diet" out there. They stress that the idea is completely subjective, and it's refreshing to hear about how Ethan's quest for health was less driven by the desire to be smaller and more driven by the desire to be happier and more fulfilled. 

In case you missed the last episode, Anna caught up with  Jordan Syatt, a personal strength coach, nutrition coach and the founder of Syatt Fitness. The two talked about—among other things—how to promote a more accessible approach to food and fitness, and why getting and staying healthy doesn't require an advanced nutrition degree. 

New episodes are available every Tuesday wherever you get your podcasts.  

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