Though we all hoped the COVID-19 pandemic would be behind us by now, new variants continue popping up across the world. And in addition to getting vaccinated and boosted, that means we're taking all effective measures to protect ourselves. And right now, for us and millions of people around the world, that means keeping face masks, loads of Lysol, Clorox and hand sanitizer on deck. But what kind of face masks? Preferably N95s and KN95s.

If you're still rocking a cloth mask or surgical mask, it's time to seriously consider upgrading your supply. Why? Experts and studies say they offer way more protection against COVID than a standard cloth mask. N95 respirators (or masks) are not only healthcare professional approved, but they're also certified by the CDC and NIOSH (The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health). And as for KN95s, they're found to provide more respiratory protection than surgical or cloth masks, meaning fewer particles pass through them.

So what we're saying is: It's time to look into buying one of these types of masks. And lucky for you, we rounded up the ten best places to buy them online to be delivered right to your door.

The Best Places to Buy KN95 and N95 Masks Online at a Glance

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1. Maskc

Best KN95 Mask Overall

Customers have been buying up so many Maskc KN95 packs that many variations are out of stock right now. The Jennifer Lopez-approved brand puts comfortability and protection above all and doesn't fall short of being effortlessly stylish (even though that that's far from our primary concern here). The KN95 ten-pack is the brand's most popular item, and while many colors are currently out of stock, the Blush Tones Variety 10-Pack and the Vogue Variety 10-Pack are still available.

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Brave New Look

2. Brave New Look

Best KN95 Mask for Kids

In search of KN95 masks for the little ones? We suggest scooping up Brave New Look's kid's pack of 20. They're ideal for kids as young as three, and feature a five-layer filtration system of non-woven breathable fibers that are meant to protect them without making them feel trapped. There are also nine colors to choose from, so you can let them pick out their favorite one.

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3. Vida

Best KN95 Mask Variety

Vida's KN95 masks are lab tested for 95 to 99 percent efficiency (which is super high, BTW). You can choose between ten to 1,000 mask packs, and it's recommended that you wear a new one every day for increased protection since they're not washable.


Home Depot

4. Home Depot

Best N95 Mask Overall

Yes, Home Depot sells KN95 and N95 face masks. One of the most popular offerings is the HDX N95 Respirator. These packs of ten are NIOSH-approved and filter out 95 percent of airborne particles. The cupped design offers low breathing resistance, and they're made to be comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time.

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5. evolvetogether

Best KN95 Mask Design

Most KN95 masks have five layers of protection, but evolvetogether has six and still manages to be incredibly lightweight and breathable. It has double filtration, so you can bet it was designed to put in the work of helping to protect you against COVID-19. The only thing is all of the brand's KN95s are either sold out or coming soon, but they're worth the wait, so we suggest you sign up to be notified when they're back in stock.

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The Best KN95 and N95 Face Masks at Amazon


6. ChiSip KN95 Face Mask 20-Pack

Best Adjustable KN95 Mask

ChiSip prides itself on designing functional, protective KN95s that check all the boxes. We love having the multicolored 20 pack handy for daily use. The masks have a five-layer design that makes it hard for particles to seep in or out, and they're breathable, waterproof, lightweight and adjustable.

$46 at Amazon



Best Breathable N95 Mask

You'll appreciate the breathability of this N95 mask (it's up to 75 percent more breathable than the NIOSH minimum requirement). It fits like a headband and has a long bendable nose piece, so it won't feel too tight or too loose. And it comes in a pack of 50, so you won't run out of them too soon.

$58; $43 at Amazon


8. WWDOLL KN95 Face Mask 25-Pack

Best Skin-Friendly KN95 Mask

Maskne is a real thing, but thankfully WWDOLL kept skincare in mind when creating their KN95 face mask. The inner layer that touches the face is made of a skin-friendly non-woven soft fabric, while the second layer blocks out 95 percent of particles and the outer layer filters larger particles. Oh, and did we mention the mask comes in nine solid colors?

$50 at Amazon


9. MISSAA Store KN95 Face Mask 30-Pack

Best KN95 Mask Prints and Colors

Tired of wearing plain black and white masks? Stop by the MISSAA Store on Amazon. The KN95 mask brand is known for its bold prints and colors, like this tropical-themed pack. The masks are also skin-friendly and feature a five-layer design that the company claims will filter more than 95 percent of particles. And the ear loops are stretchable, so you can get a comfortable fit.

$40 at Amazon


10. FANGTIAN N95 Mask

Most Comfortable N95 Mask

If you've had a hard time finding a mask that fits, try this Fangtian N95. It was designed to contour to the crevices of your face for maximum comfort. Not to mention it's NIOSH-certified, so you can feel secure knowing that it has at least 95 percent filtration against particles.

$26 at Amazon

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