The AARP Special, Wanderlove & 4 More Wellness Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2023

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Well folks, we’ve (almost) made it through another year. And with the turning over of a new leaf comes, you guessed it, new trends. For the sake of this article, we’re going to focus on wellness trends, because there are some *really* good ones to look forward to. From wanderlove to low-impact workouts, here are six wellness trends we’re willing to bet will be everywhere come 2023.

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1. Wanderlove

Let’s kick things off with a dating trend. After being stuck at home during Covid lockdowns, folks are still very interested in traveling, and that extends to their love lives as well. According to a survey of more than 10,000 daters by the women-first dating and social networking app Bumble, one in three (33 percent) global Bumble members say that they are now more open to travel and be in relationships with people who are not in their current city. So expand those dating app location parameters a little wider and take a chance on long-distance love.  

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2. The AARP Special

This one was coined by the experts at the ness, NYC’s premier workout for trampoline cardio and muscle sculpting. The AARP special refers to people of all ages eating dinner earlier, at times previously only preferred by septuagenarians and older. Says Colette Dong, cofounder & CEO of the ness,“We are already seeing a shift to earlier dinner reservations across the hospitality industry and with the additional information people can get from wearables, people are more informed of the effects a late dinner has on their sleep, readiness and recovery. Expect to be seeing a lot of wellness gurus eating early with plenty of time to digest and set themselves up for a successful sleep routine.”

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3. Yaupon as a Coffee Alternative

According to Whole Foods’s eighth annual Top 10 Food Trends list, yaupon, North America's only known native caffeinated plant, is poised to be the hottest coffee alternative in 2023. Indigenous communities once brewed it into herbal teas for purification rituals, and now, its mild, earthy flavor is being spotlighted by tea purveyors and mixologists alike.

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4. Sleep Tourism

You choose vacation destinations based on the restaurants and museums, so why not choose where to go based on how well you can sleep there? Sleep tourism refers to travel experiences that are specifically designed to improve your quality of sleep. Think: pillow menus to ensure you have the most comfortable night based on your favored sleep position, rooms specifically designed to block out all outside noise so you can focus on rest and recorded sleep meditations available to listen to as you doze off.  

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5. Movement Snacks

Another trend prediction from the experts at the ness, movement snacks refer to breaking up your exercise regimen into smaller movements throughout the day. Aly Giampolo, the ness’s cofounder and method director, explains, “More and more studies are finding that breaking up your exercise regimen into smaller movement snacks throughout the day is not only perfectly healthy, it can be more beneficial than forcing yourself to do one longer workout. I believe that movement snacks are the key to shifting our general mindset around fitness, letting us find enjoyment and strength without the pressure of carving out a large amount of time. It also lets you take advantage of the endorphin rush that movement gives you, multiple times a day.” This 2016 study published in PLOS ONE, for example, found that bite-sized spurts of exercise throughout the day can be just as effective as one long workout. What does this look like in practice? Maybe you do a quick 15-minute yoga video before your morning coffee, take ten minutes out of your lunch break for a walk around the block and then do a few sets of 25 jumping jacks while bingeing The Crown. It doesn’t have to be fancy or official, just a way to consistently move your body throughout the day. 

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6. Chic Sleep Accessories

OK, does a sleep accessory have to be aesthetically pleasing? Not really; maybe two people will see it and as long as it works it doesn’t matter how clinical or sterile it looks. That being said, we’re suckers for better-looking versions of our nightly must-haves, which is why we’re loving the trend toward actually stylish sleep products. Take the Oura ring, for example. This sleep tracking ring combines advanced sensor technology with a mobile app to deliver “precise, personalized health insights straight from the most reliable source: your body.” It captures data throughout the day and night to help you understand your overall sleep quality, plus offers personalized guidance for how best to get to sleep. The minimalist design means you can wear it all day, every day without it looking like a high-tech eyesore. Also taking sleep accessory design to the next level are Loop earplugs, which put those traffic cone orange models to shame. The brand’s ‘Quiet’ earplugs in particular, come in ten pretty colors and reduce noise by 18 decibels and, by combining an acoustic channel and filter for natural sound, protect your hearing in style. Per one five-star reviewer, “I wear these in bed to dull outside noise and snoring of a partner! They stay in my ear much better than traditional foam earplugs and feel comfortable when lying on my side.”