Your Weekly Horoscopes: November 3 to 9, 2019

What starts off painful leads to a breakthrough this week if we are willing to relax and accept what’s unknown. The tech glitches and transportation delays of Mercury retrograde are a bummer and Mars squaring off with Pluto on the 5th has us kicking and screaming into a frustrating void. But the light at the end of the tunnel is a golden opportunity to nourish our fantasies. Our dreams do in fact have legs. The sun (our ego) and Saturn (our discipline) connect with each other, as well as with Neptune (our collective fantasy) on the 8th. Sometimes what seems impossible just needs some brainstorming—and a lot of elbow grease!—to become a reality.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.) 

7 scorpio

Whether it’s sensing a bad vibe from a passive-aggressive friend or harboring discontent with your boss’s email etiquette (no subject line?!?!), something very far out of your control has been high-key bothering you since last month. You might burst and force a confrontation on the 5th, but don’t be surprised if this backfires (especially if it backfires because the other person doesn’t really hear you). Channel your exasperation into something artistic on the 8th. Write a poem. Communicate through your creativity.

8 sagittarius

Your friends have been keeping you busy with hot goss text threads, fall dinner parties and weddings galore. Unfortunately, you realize on the 5th—after a small, but luxe weekend getaway makes you double check your bank account—all of this socializing is making you broke. Be real with your besties about your financial situation and invite them over to your place on the 8th for a cheap night of fun. You’ll feel extra fancy when you realize that even after a few glasses of wine, you can give yourself a great manicure.


You’re at an “11” on the Richter scale of stress this week. It gets so intense on the 5th that you call out sick to stew in your anxiety. This is not good. It’s time to pull yourself out of this spiral. Grab the self-care by the horns and plan a quick getaway for the 8th. Garner suggestions of some scenic views from friends, hop on a train and head to the mountains or lake like you’re a modern-day Thoreau. It’s one of the last weekends to enjoy the outdoors before the harsh winter weather arrives, so sip some apple cider and let the Great Outdoors inform your course of action.

10 aquarius

Be careful not to stoke the flames on any tension with your in-laws this week. Remember, Thanksgiving is around the corner, so a little foresight can save yourself from all those awkward “can you pass the potatoes?”  Whether it’s your partner who needs to sort out communication with her dad or you who forgot your mother-in-law’s birthday, reach out on the 5th to smooth things over, without expectations. To take your mind off the family drama, pick up some extra work on the 8th to save cash for your vacation fund. Stash now and splurge later!

11 pisces

You are getting your finances in order and, hey! You even paid off a credit card last week! You’ve been a hawk when it comes to your wallet and on the 5th, you get salty when you realize your cousin’s friend still hasn’t paid you back for that Beyoncé ticket. That’s your whole car payment! But remember: You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Nix the passive aggression and send a straightforward Venmo request. On the 8th, keep your eyes peeled for a deal on flights for your next vacation. Paris roundtrip for $300? What goes around comes around.

12 aries

Remain patient on the 5th when your boyfriend or your bestie offers some unsolicited advice about your career—you know you need to update your résumé or ask for a raise, you just don’t feel like it quite yet. Everyone has an opinion these days, or so it seems, but no one’s tougher on you than your own inner critic. On the 8th, schedule time to breathe. Ask your favorite woo-curious coworker to join you for a meditation in the conference room. Talk a long walk without access to your phone. Whatever it is, as much as you relax watching Real Housewives of Dallas on your phone, make unplugging a perpetual ritual. Your power grows as you accept what’s out of your control.

1 taurus

You are focused on your grind. In fact, everything you’ve posted in the last week has been complemented with a #hustleandgrind tag. But being an Energizer Bunny is not sustainable (or worthy) in and of itself. By the 5th, though, your hustle comes to a halt as you realize you’ve been climbing a hamster wheel, not a staircase. You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself. When you do #hustle, make it in name of a cause worthy of you, not just a hashtag. On the 8th, there will be an invitation to be vulnerable. Take it.

2 gemini

Why not take a crazy chance? You’ve been indiscriminately swiping right and asking more cute guys than usual for their number at trivia night. But when a date leaves you to cover the literal (or figurative) check on the 5th, you realize how important it is to share values with someone you fall in with, even if you’re just fooling around. Lose yourself in a big project for work on the 8th to get your mind off the dating woes. Who know? Maybe Gary in sales is more complex than you realized…

3 cancer

Whether it’s your husband being extra nonplussed about seasonal yard cleanup or your business partner ignoring your texts about tidying up your shared office, by the 5th, you are feeling abandoned in your attempts to make home improvements. Instead of sulking on the messy couch, get out and learn something new on the 8th. Bring your beloved along. A talk by your favorite author or a fancy French cooking class is the spark of creativity you need to pull yourself—and your partner in crime—out of a rut.

4 leo

You’ve spent the last few weeks adjusting to a new immediate environment: moving to a different neighborhood or getting used to your sister living in the same city. Though this shift is positive and has kept you busy, a miscommunication about something mundane leaves you feeling defeated on the 5th. You miss how it used to be. On the 8th, don’t be afraid to ask someone close to you for help processing the change. Swallow your pride and embrace new routines.

5 virgo

Though you are always careful with your finances, you have been especially frugal over the last few weeks and extra aggressive about saving for something that brings you joy. But on the 5th, that expensive tasting menu, Net-a-Porter outfit or ceramics workshop turns out to be a huge disappointment. Salvage your spirit by doing something extra special with your sweetheart on the 8th. Find out what her dream date is and work together to make it happen. Let the plan be the pleasure.

6 libra

Since last month you have been experimenting with skin-care products and yoga classes, figuring out how to best care for yourself. On the 5th—despite your best laid plans—a massive pimple or energy dip leaves you feeling like you have to start from scratch. On the 8th, take a pause and go back to the basics of your routine. Do you know how to wake up in the morning? Buy some rosewater spray for your bedside table. Remember: Water is life and hydration is key.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram, @jaimeallycewright, or subscribe to her newsletter.



Jaime Wright is an astrologer and writer based in NYC. She has been writing PureWow’s weekly and monthly horoscope columns since 2019, and also authors the cult favorite...