Your Weekly Horoscopes: June 9 to 15

Your luck and charm will get you only so far if you don't supply the guts and the grit to back it up. Last week's new moon in Gemini was a light and airy gift; next week's full moon will pose intellectual hurdles. But this week is our training montage. (Yes, we can wear cute workout clothes the whole time.)

Oh, and if you know your rising sign, don't forget to read for that as well!

2 gemini

With great income comes great budgetary discipline, Gemini. If you're making more of that sweet money, that's fantastic, but you won't feel the raise if you immediately start upgrading your lifestyle. Just because you can afford the Lyfts and the lavender ice cream doesn't mean you need to make those daily purchases. Au contraire, you have the rare opportunity to change nothing and get more. That's basically a superpower.

3 cancer

Don't neglect your mental health, Cancer. You may be battling with an ex-spouse or feeling tense about an uncertain work environment, so this is not the week to skip therapy, your twice-weekly jog or even the most important meal of the day: all of them. You are extremely resilient, but no one can absorb all those emotions on an empty stomach.

4 leo

You may find yourself hobnobbing with VIPs who don't necessarily...share the same political outlook. Yikes! It's a delicate ballet to make others feel welcome while sharing your point of view. Make sure you break away from the conversation often enough to ask yourself if you're being charming or compromising. Only you know the answer!

5 virgo

Look hotshot, your challenge this week is to enjoy a little bit of success without caveating it to death. Your Virgo perfectionism is ripe to minimize any wins as not quite as incredible as they could be (always a Fulbright Scholar, never a MacArthur Genius…). But you don't need to prove you have high standards by negging yourself. By any measure, you're an impressive bird—let's leave it at that.

6 libra

You might feel a little suffocated at home these days, Libra. The kids are overdoing it on Fortnite, your bedroom closet space is not peacefully accommodating your winter duvet storage, maybe your cat is peeing everywhere but the litter box… If you're craving some serenity, take a day or weekend trip out into the country by yourself. Maybe the cat will potty-train herself by the time you get back...

7 scorpio

This week is all about reevaluating what's important to you before you begin to express it to others or formulate plans to acquire it. Do you still want to get yoga certified? Is a big wedding important to you these days? Your desires might be a little half-baked right now as you and your life evolve and grow. That's O.K. Leave them in the oven and check on them next week.

8 sagittarius

Careful about over-promising favors, especially to partners and close friends. They will take you at your jolly, well-meaning words, and then you'll be forced to deliver (which you don't want to do) or disappoint (even worse!). Save yourself the moral dilemma by practicing boundaries around what you offer to do with your skills and time. Your people are good people. They will respect them.


Think in terms of deal-making, thEn delegating when the assembly line of to-dos starts to jam up. If you need your spouse to pick up the kids from soccer practice this week (and honestly, he better…), frame it as a compromise even if it's really a favor. They get an IOU they'll probably forget to redeem, and you get to manage them. Win-win.

10 aquarius

You're too busy this week for frivolity, so don't even try it. Work is claiming a lot of your time and energy, and frankly, you may prefer that right now. The trick is harnessing your focus in favor of accomplishing a single objective. If you feel pulled in multiple directions, it's because you're saying yes to a lot of bids for your attention. This week, there can only be one.

11 pisces

Your passion projects may feel more like work than passion these days—which defeats the whole purpose, right? To get a little of the magic back, step away in favor of the most boring errand on your to-do list (ugh, the post office). Depriving yourself of your usual sources of inspiration will force your mind to create it elsewhere (perhaps even among the brown boxes and packaging tape…).

12 aries

Don't just say things to say them, Aries. You may be a known wit, but people will take you seriously this week, and if you are found guilty in the court of bullshit, there will be consequences. On the flip side, buttoning up the public relations front will confer rewards both at home and at work, so get your "no comment" comment ready.

1 taurus

Luxury is only worth it if a) you can truly afford it, and b) if you take care to enjoy it. Scarfing down a Michelin-star meal so quickly you miss the subtle basil infusion is not the way to do fine dining. Pay attention less to what you consume and more how you consume, because the difference between a splurge and a waste is how you treat it.

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