The Sex Tip Your Zodiac Sign Desperately Needs for the Month of June

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June is humming with sexual energy. It marks the official beginning of summer—the birds and the bees are full-on making out and people are feeling a little friskier than usual. What does this mean for you? Well, here’s some libido-related advice you could use for June, according to your zodiac sign.

Aries: Talk dirty
With Venus lighting up your communication sector, your love language is dirty talk. Whether IRL or via sext, you will be imbued with the power to seduce with words. (And, as usual, you're able to back it up with action…)

Taurus: Splurge on a new sex toys
For you, Taurus, luxury is never off the table. Treat yourself to a powerful new toy, some gorgeous lingerie or a set of hand and feet restraints. You won't have buyer's remorse when you upgrade your desire.

Gemini: Be selfish
This month it's your season, and you’re empowered to ask for what you want with no shame and no caveats. If you need the action to move a little to the left, just sing out like Beyoncé, and you shall get what you need.

Cancer: Shower sex
Shower sex is as classic as you are, Cancer. This month is all about upping the romance, nostalgia and intimacy you share with your partner, so turning up the heat in the tub (so to speak) is an on-brand way for you to do that. As a water sign, this one comes naturally.

Leo: Open up to your friends
You're so social this month, Leo, so try opening up to your friends about your sex life. Bonding about what turns you on can be a powerful way to combat shame and learn new tips—which can then lead to greater satisfaction when you apply it to your own bedroom game.

Virgo: Love on top
If you’re not used to topping, consider taking the sexual reins. You may find yourself naturally gravitating to alpha roles this month, so follow your instincts to bring that boardroom energy to the bedroom. Bedrooms need leadership, too...

Libra: Embrace exhibitionism
Have sex like everyone's watching, Libra. Whether you like real live witnesses to your pleasure or you just feel compelled to send more nude selfies than usual, invite others to your party.

Scorpio: Light bondage
Trust is so important to you, Scorpio, especially this month. Use that to explore sexual play around light bondage and themes of obedience and domination. Whether you're in the ropes or tying them, it'll be a worthwhile (and satisfying) exercise in letting go.

Sagittarius: Make love
There’s sex and there’s “love making.” You hate the term, and we don’t blame you, but there’s a difference between a one-night-stand and full-fledged, intense eye contact. You are in a constant battle between partnership and independence, so express your freedom this month by doubling down on someone you actually care about.

Capricorn: Get your heart rate up
You can be kind of a cerebral sign, Capricorn, but sex is about the body. This month, get a little athletic with your pleasure at your pace—triathletes may be able to sustain a standing position, while a twice-weekly power walker may simply want to try being on top. Whatever gets you out of your head and into your body.

Aquarius: Marathon sex
You know that feeling of insatiable desire when you first start sleeping with someone and you do it all day and night? Whether you’ve met someone new or are feeling extra gooey for your boo, you're spending a lot of days (and nights, too, of course) in bed. 

Pisces: Do it on the kitchen table
The erotic adventure you were looking for is in your own backyard the whole time—or on the kitchen table, the washing machine, the living room floor, etc. This month is all about reinventing your home space to mine its sexual potential. Think: naughty Marie Kondo. Spark that joy in the bedroom, Pisces.

Kiki O'Keeffe is an astrology writer in Brooklyn. You can sign up for her newsletter, I don't believe in astrology, or follow her Twitter @alexkiki.

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