Your Weekly Horoscopes: June 19 to 25, 2022

The summer solstice arrives on the 21st as the sun moves into Cancer, and overall the aspects this week are dreamy and creative. Great vibes all around for celebrating our protective, emotional crabs! Venus moves into chatty Gemini on the 22nd, a placement found in the charts of charmers like Emma Thompson, Al Pacino and Tom Hanks. This influence turns every date, hang and work meeting into a hilarious and intellectual discourse. It’s time to fall in love with someone’s mind!

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that sign too will provide further insight.)

12 aries

Cancer season begins on the 21st, and for you, this time of year is always a homecoming. The last few weeks have been packed to the brim with projects and activities, and though there’s still plenty of work to be done, you can no longer deny your need to camp out on the couch. Though you’re exhausted, you’re also craving social connection this week, so why not invite the whole group chat over to watch a classic summer flick?

This week’s mantra: “Take it easy.”

1 taurus

Cancer season arrives on the 21st and for you, this comes as a reminder to practice gratitude for all the wonderful things you already have. Let long walks through the neighborhood, short trips to your favorite park upstate and long chats with beloved friends define your next few weeks. With your ruling planet Venus moving into Gemini and your resources sector on the 22nd, you’re also due to treat yourself, so shop local when you splurge!

This week’s mantra: “I’m so grateful for what I have!”

2 gemini

Though your season is coming to an end, with love and beauty planet Venus entering your sign on the 22nd, you might be the one hogging all the attention at your Cancer friend’s birthday party this weekend! Use this boost of confidence to pick out some new pieces for your summer wardrobe, go for that pixie haircut or splurge on that facial you’ve been craving. Stay glowing.

This week’s mantra: “I’m beautiful inside and out!”

3 cancer

Happy birthday, Cancer babe! The sun enters your sign on the 21st, and though everyone wants you to “go big,” for your birthday, you’re trying to make this your summer of rest and relaxation. Your friends want you to plan an elaborate house party and your coworkers are ready to pitch in for an office field trip to celebrate, but you’re craving a simple retreat—alone or with your lover. Meditate on what you really want before giving into someone else’s plan.

This week’s mantra: “I don’t need to make a scene when I have everything I need.”

4 leo

Cancer season begins on the 21st and for you, this is an introspective time, the wind down to your personal year. Friends are inviting you to parties left and right, but you’re more interested in spending some peaceful, quiet time alone. This influence could also leave you feeling a bit bored or listless, so try to plan reflective or meditative activities so you don’t end up spending all your extra time caught in an endless scroll.

This week’s mantra: “There’s important work to be done behind the scenes.”

5 virgo

The sun moves into Cancer on the 21st lighting up the part of your chart that has to do with networking, community projects and your public-facing goals. The pressure’s been on for you to perform at your highest possible level and there’s been so much emphasis on personal achievement, but with this shift, you’re more interested in collaboration and connection. Who do you want on your team as you bring your vision to life?

This week’s mantra: “I can’t do it alone.”

6 libra

Cancer season begins on the 21st bringing on the time of year when you feel most accomplished and visible. Whether you’re making headway on career goals, getting into the motherhood groove or hosting an absolutely epic meeting of your local book club, the next few weeks provide some well-deserved recognition. On the 22nd, your ruling planet Venus moves into Gemini and your travel sector which inspires you to watch a foreign film or download Duolingo again so you can finally learn Spanish.

This week’s mantra: “My glow is contagious.”

7 scorpio

Summer begins on the 21st as the sun moves into Cancer and your travel sector. You’re feeling some major wanderlust right now and are desperate to go somewhere new and expand your mind. But with Venus entering Gemini and your shared resources sector at the same time, you may have to do some sweet-talking to convince your partner that you both need this vacation. How can you compromise and still get a taste of the getaway you crave?

This week’s mantra: “My sanity is worth the splurge.”

8 sagittarius

Communication planet Mercury connects with expansive Jupiter for the third and final time on the 20th. A conversation about romance or partnership that started around April 27th, and was revisited on May 19th is back on the table again. Though you had your doubts, it seems like this relationship might actually work! Don’t shy away from talking about your fears and worries, especially about power dynamics. Love requires honesty. Venus moves into your partnership sector on the 22nd bringing even more sweetness to your connections.

This week’s mantra: “I choose what works for me.”


Cancer season begins on the 21st and for you this time of year is all about celebrating your closest relationships. Whether you’re on a trip with your lover, planning a celebration for your BFF or getting ready to launch a new product with your business partner, this is the time of year when you thrive as part of a team. On the 22nd, Venus enters your daily grind sector, encouraging you to find joy in even the most mundane daily tasks. Appreciate the beauty that already surrounds you.

This week’s mantra: “I build my life on beauty and love.”

10 aquarius

Cancer season begins on the 21st and for you, this is the best time of year to get disciplined and commit to a routine. Whether it’s a better workflow, a more aligned fitness regimen or an easier schedule of getting your kids (and the pups!) to and from their various activities, now’s when you learn to love your daily grind. On the 22nd, Venus enters Gemini and your romance sector, lifting your spirits and putting you in an extremely creative and flirty mood. Who fills your days with joy?

This week’s mantra: “I do what I love.”

11 pisces

You’re bursting with inspiration this week as the sun enters Cancer and your pleasure sector on the 21st. This is the long-awaited time of year when you can put creativity first and live out all of your most elaborate romantic fantasies. If you have kids, they become your top priority now as well. School’s out and you now have plenty of time to get into games, art projects and summer adventures that won’t only be a bonding experience but will also connect you to your inner child.

This week’s mantra: “Pleasure is my top priority.”

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can subscribe to her newsletter for more musings on the stars.



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