Your Weekly Horoscopes: June 13 to 19, 2021

Eclipse season is over (hooray!) but the cosmos aren’t ready to give us a break. Last week’s solar eclipse on the 10th came with epic revelations that have us craving new beginnings. But starting over isn’t easy. There are always complications. (Also, somehow, Mercury is still retrograde—we really can’t catch a break). On the 13th, the sun squares off with delusional Neptune. Our egos bite off more than they can chew under this aspect so take a breath before moving forward with that “brilliant” plan. The offer is not what it seems. Then on the 14th, steady Saturn squares off with shocking Uranus for the second time this year. This will likely shake up the status quo on a global level, but will also force many of us to question the boundaries and structures in our personal lives. What we think is built to last may just be a house of cards, but we’ll only know what’s solid after the earthquake has passed.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that sign too will provide further insight.)

12 aries

This has been the retrogradi-est of all Mercury retrogrades for you, Aries. Constant typos, delayed flights and missed connections abound. The Sun-Neptune square on the 13th only adds to all this confusion, so if you’re seeking clarity, don’t expect to get any until later in the week (or, let’s be real, next week). With your ruling planet Mars in fellow fire sign Leo, channel your frustrations into showing off your creative talents.

This week’s mantra: Don’t rush the process.

1 taurus

Eclipse season snapped you into some tough realizations about what’s really worth your energy. Collaborations collapsed and contracts needed to be renegotiated. This week’s Saturn-Uranus square brings back feelings of alienation at work that first took hold in mid-February. Luckily though, sweet Venus throws herself into the mix on the 13th when she makes a supportive connection to Uranus, reminding you that your closest friends really do have your back.

This week’s mantra: Help is on the way.

2 gemini

This week’s Sun-Neptune square on the 13th feels a bit like a personal attack. Your boss is giving you mixed signals about everything, you’re getting into way too many Twitter fights and if you have to field one more email about your sister’s scaled-down-but-still-at-least-80-people-are-attending wedding, you’ll scream. Focus on self-care and ignore the rest. This might be the week to finally take the leap and get that dreamy shag cut you’ve been contemplating for years. Do your own thing.

This week’s mantra: Until it’s a yes, it’s a no.

3 cancer

Last week’s eclipse left you feeling truly isolated. Though it was nice to disconnect, this week you’re craving way more social interaction. Plans with friends pop up out of nowhere as sweet Venus connects with shocking Uranus on the 13th. Your season is coming and there’s much to celebrate. Things are tumultuous in the world but that doesn’t mean you can’t relax with a fizzy wine and a charcuterie plate.

This week’s mantra: It’s OK to celebrate.

4 leo

This week’s Saturn-Uranus square on the 14th brings up a relationship conflicts that you thought had been laid to rest back in February. Let’s be real: You knew that argument wasn’t actually over, but enough time had passed that you figured it would just slip away into the void. Unfortunately, not everything goes away peacefully. You’re being challenged to stay true to your commitments as you chase success. The constant lesson seems to be that you can’t do it alone.

This week’s mantra: Change requires attention.

5 virgo

As if Mercury retrograde wasn’t already putting enough stress on communication issues at work, this week’s Sun-Neptune square on the 13th leaves you wondering if your emails, Slacks and group messages have all fallen into the void. Your recent promotion was more than overdue, but you can’t quite shake the feeling that no one respects your authority. Use this week to reflect on qualities you admire in your own mentors. Maybe you aren’t shining because you’re too worried about what everyone else thinks.

This week’s mantra: Lead your own way.

6 libra

The Sun-Neptune square on the 13th puts a snag in your plans for travel, higher education or going after a dream (like your boss refusing your PTO even though you put in your request months ago). Instead of letting your frustrations get the best of you though, you’re able to channel them into mediating a problem for coworkers or friends. Take your own advice and try not to make simple conflicts into epic power struggles.

This week’s mantra: Compromise creatively.

7 scorpio

Eclipse season was a major test for sticking to your values, Scorpio, and you probably learned that you’re not on the same page as some of your friends. The ongoing Saturn-Uranus square (which peaks this week on the 14th) has made you question what you really want out of your closest relationships. You’re realizing you’re not meant to follow a traditional path, and on the 13th, you find yourself getting swept off your feet by someone who isn’t your usual type.

This week’s mantra: Love isn’t a losing game, but it’s an unusual one.

8 sagittarius

Last week’s eclipse had you setting off into an infinite abyss. Your possibilities are endless. Whether you’re leaving a relationship, a toxic job or a bad living situation (or all three), you’re feeling relieved to be gone but even more terrified of the blank slate ahead. The Sun-Neptune square on the 13th reminds you that you’re allowed to daydream about the future. Assess the vibes and try not to worry about the actions (yet).

This week’s mantra: Vibes not actions.


This week’s Saturn-Uranus square once again challenges your sense of security. Around February 17th, you were in the thick of internal debate over following your heart versus following the money. And though you’ve gained some clarity (and a sweet job offer) since then, this week pushes you to consider whether you made the right decision. The Sun-Neptune square is also wreaking havoc on your schedule and routines, so don’t push yourself to figure out all the answers at once.

This week’s mantra: What’s your freedom worth?

10 aquarius

Though eclipse season had you making huge breakthroughs in your friendships, creativity and romance—in a way, you were living your best life—this week brings you back down to reality. The Saturn-Uranus square (which peaks on the 14th) pulls you back into a family drama that you were dealing with back in February. Your mom is begging you to quit freelancing and go back to a “regular job.” And though you’re able to hold your ground, you have to admit that she’s making some solid points.

This week’s mantra: Consider the alternative.

11 pisces

Eclipse season has given you a lot to think about as far as your career and your place in the world. You aren’t where you want to be just yet, but isn’t it exciting that you still get to choose your direction? The Sun-Neptune square on the 13th may bring up feelings of exhaustion and burnout that you thought you already conquered. This makes you feel incapable of comforting yourself. The best thing to do is rest and pick things up again next week.

This week’s mantra: Productivity isn’t everything.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram @jaimeallycewright or subscribe to her newsletter.



Jaime Wright is an astrologer and writer based in NYC. She has been writing PureWow’s weekly and monthly horoscope columns since 2019, and also authors the cult favorite...