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Your Weekly Horoscopes: December 16 to 22

Winter has finally come. And by winter we mean Capricorn season, which begins on the 21st and is followed immediately by the Cold Moon (it’s a full moon, but it’s also really cold out. Get it?) on the 22nd. And while the sign of the goat urges us to be responsible and disciplined in all we do, we’re feeling more prepared than ever after this year of retrogrades and planetary upheaval. Bring on the winds of winter—the cold never bothered us anyway.

Also, remember to read for your rising sign, as it tells you what part of your life is most affected by your horoscope.

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You’ve got a résumé for every role you play—partner, professional, parent, mentor, friend. But investing in others will yield dividends you could never have generated on your own. So, let yourself enjoy the schmoozing, especially on the 16th. After all, you’re pretty good at that, too.

10 Aquarius  

The key to your success, water bearer, is getting back to your routine. The onslaught of holiday cheer has inspired some recent indulgences (one or ten eggnogs is a healthy range, right?), but remember to return to habits that got you this far—sleeping normally, Pilates before work and drinking tons of water. You can still enjoy the occasional ’nog.

11 Pisces  

If you’re on the fence about someone you’re dating—or a creative project you’ve been obsessed with—you may figure out a major puzzle piece on the 22nd with the Cold Moon. Whether you’re killing your darlings or simply taking a break from your literal darling, you’ll feel more hope and clarity than you have had all year.

12 Aries  

Time to get serious about your passions. No more shrugging off important opportunities by telling yourself, and your friends, that you don’t really care how it turns out. The truth is, you care deeply. So rehearse that set. Memorize those lines. Wake up early to write the next Great American Novel, because setting yourself up for failure is so 2018 of you. If you dare to wear your heart on your sleeve, you may be rewarded on the 22nd with some brag-worthy results.

1 Taurus  

If you feel the itch to get away with your spouse, go…whether that’s to Barcelona or simply your local spa where the two of you can feel ensconced in luxury. But don’t get so relaxed you forget your manners—if you say something flip or mean on the 21st, the Cold Moon on the 22nd may force your hand at a carefully constructed (and sincere!) apology. Start practicing an apology that doesn’t involve “I’m sorry you feel that way.”

2 Gemini  

It only seems like you’re running on infinite energy, Gemini, but if you don’t pace yourself this week, you’ll crash on the 21st. The good news, though? The Cold Moon on the 22nd means the world around you will begin to recognize all that hard work. So, accept your accolades and cash with a smile and a royal wave, and then head back to bed—the ultimate reward of all.

3 Cancer  

Whether you’re married or just cuffed up for the winter, this week is all about luxuriating in your love life. You could woo your partner with movies, Italian food and flowers…or you could just stay in bed together. The Cold Moon on the 22nd isn’t so chilly after all...

4 Leo  

If you have one or two days off from holiday obligations, use at least one of them to do a major deep clean on your digs. The timing is perfect: It’s the end of the year, and by the time the Cold Moon hits on the 22nd, you’ll appreciate having a clean and swanky home base to rest your weary (but still fabulous) head.

5 Virgo  

Step away from your to-do list, Virgo. This week is all about cutting loose with your inner circle—especially on the 22nd with the Cold Moon. Organize a night in with your favorite people and lots of wine and comfort food. Maybe even start a dream group? The point is to plan an intimate night with your besties where no one feels the pressure to show up in lashes or Spanx.

6 Libra  

Lately you’ve been kind of a boss, and you’re definitely channeling Miranda Priestly vibes on the 16th. This wave of decisiveness will see you safely to the other side of the Cold Moon on the 22nd, when you may receive some career news that puts a huge smile on your face. Then you can go back to glaring at your underlings...

7 Scorpio  

You might feel the year-end shuffle more acutely than others, Scorpio. Whether it’s your daily commute or a transcontinental flight, you may feel a little un-centered until the Cold Moon on the 22nd. Keep the Purell and echinacea flowing until you safely land back on your home turf.

8 Sagittarius  

If money has been a theme lately, then this week will bring your long-awaited denouement. The Cold Moon on the 22nd will help you finally get paid, though you may have to invoke some deep inner patience you didn’t realize you had, i.e., the family you babysit for paid you in traveler’s checks. WTF. Bonus: any character development is yours to keep.

Kiki O'Keeffe is an astrology writer in Brooklyn. You can sign up for her newsletter, I don't believe in astrology, or follow her Twitter @alexkiki.

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