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How to Fall Asleep When You Cant Stop Tossing and Turning

True life: You’re wiped. But why, God why, is it always the night when you’re beyond sleep-deprived that you can’t actually get to sleep? We checked in with the folks at Beautyrest (yep, the mattress company) to find out their number one trick on how to fall asleep ... fast.

And it works.

What you do: Close your eyes and try to visualize the details of your childhood home. Walk the hallways. Go in and out of every room. Picture the photos hanging on every wall and the details of that Laura Ashley comforter you had for at least a decade. The next thing you know, the birds are chirping, the sun is streaming in and, hallelujah, you just logged a solid six hours of zzz’s.

Why this works: Distraction, man. For every minute you’re focused on that awkward seventh-grade photo that your mom just has to keep on the gallery wall, it’s one less minute you’re stressing about what happened at work that day.


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