Your Weekly Horoscopes: December 13 to 19, 2020

As we said in our monthly horoscopes, December is a portal. But are we ready for it? Since the beginning of the month, we’ve been sitting in a bit of cosmic muck: rehashing past bad decisions and realizing we aren’t where we thought we’d be. But this week, we finally get not only forward momentum, but a fresh outlook on the biggest problems we need to solve. There’s a lot happening, but the main events are the total solar eclipse on the 14th followed by Venus, Saturn and Jupiter all changing signs.

The total solar eclipse on the 14th is in Sagittarius, the sign that dreams the impossible dream. And though this eclipse might cut through some of our delusions, it also empowers us to know what we actually want. It’s time to ask for that raise, take that relationship to the next level and move into that fabulous new apartment. At the same time, we must let go of toxic situations and relationships that keep us from thriving. If a bridge needs to be burned, let’s burn it. Venus moves into Sagittarius on the 15th which has us feeling more joyful and optimistic about what’s to come. Artists who aren’t afraid to make a splash (or roll with a joke) like David Bowie, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj all have Venus in Sagittarius. This holiday season is going to be weird, but we might as well make it fun!

Disciplined Saturn moves into Aquarius on the 17th and opportunistic Jupiter follows its lead into the fixed air sign on the 19th. There will be more to say about these two planets next week, but this is a paradigm shift. Aquarius is socially driven, a humanitarian. 2020 was all about acknowledging what wasn’t working and closing out the past. Now, it’s time to face the future.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

8 sagittarius

All eyes are on you this week, Sagittarius. With the solar eclipse in your sign on the 14th, you’re feeling the pressure to perform. Maybe who everyone expects you to be isn’t who you are anymore. That’s OK. Dye your hair pink. Tell your family that you quit law school. Reclaim your authenticity as you shed whatever isn’t working anymore. With Jupiter moving into Aquarius on the 19th, you’re being called to use all the resources you’ve been building over the last few years to help your community. Be yourself and get involved.

This week’s mantra: It’s a relief to be yourself.


It’s OK to take a break, Capricorn. The solar eclipse on the 14th falls in your unconscious sector and is here to remind you that some things are out of your control. You might not like it, but you can’t change the outcome. That’s OK. Log off Twitter and go into hibernation mode. Your ruling planet, Saturn, finally leaves your sign on the 17th which releases the relentless pressure of self-improvement that you’ve felt for the last three years. You’re great just the way you are. Now it’s time to sort your finances and build your self-esteem.

This week’s mantra: Do what you can and let the rest go.

10 aquarius

This week, you’re going to be asked to step up your game. The solar eclipse on the 14th highlights an unsettling dynamic in your office or amongst your friend group. And though you’ve spent most of the last three years working through your own personal demons and staying in your own lane, you feel called to mediate the situation. Saturn and Jupiter enter your sign on the 17th and 19th respectively, so now the pressure’s on for you to get comfortable just being yourself. You’ve made your own rules, so now it’s time to follow them.

This week’s mantra: Your presence is a tool; so get back in there.

11 pisces

When one door closes, another certainly opens, dear Pisces. The solar eclipse on the 14th falls in your career sector. If you’ve been on the right path with your work, then you’re rewarded with a more defined role at the office or in your field. If you’ve been feeling lost, you might lose an opportunity that you thought would be “the one.” Remember that rejection helps you get clearer on what you really need. Your ruling planet Jupiter moves into Aquarius on the 19th giving you permission to take some time away to heal and release. It’s all part of the process.

This week’s mantra: Keep showing up.

12 aries

Having to quit something doesn’t make you weak. This week’s solar eclipse on the 14th may hand you a dose of reality when it comes to an upcoming trip or education plan. Maybe you can’t afford grad school right now or the program isn’t what you really need. Maybe it’s time to accept that your honeymoon to Japan isn’t happening until—at the earliest—late 2021. Releasing yourself from an obligation opens you up to new possibilities though. Watch out for a breakthrough, possibly during your usually run-of-the-mill Zoom yoga class, on the 19th that helps you work out an alternate plan.

This week’s mantra: Letting go isn’t giving up.

1 taurus

The solar eclipse on the 14th delivers a harsh reality check about an investment you’ve made this year. This could be the interest rate kicking in on a loan or it could be a reveal of unequal power dynamics in your relationship. Was it a secret or were you just not paying attention to the finer details? Venus moving into Sagittarius on the 15th helps you negotiate a solution with whatever skeletons have fallen out of the closet. You’re being asked to really step it up as a leader, so address what you need from your support system now.

This week’s mantra: Collaboration is everything.

2 gemini

This week’s solar eclipse on the 14th brings up some toxic relationship patterns. Maybe you’re now in a healthy and supportive partnership, but that’s not going to stop your ex from sliding into your DMs to beg for emotional support. With Mercury connecting with both Neptune and Mars early in the week, you’re feeling both confused and aggravated about it all. Instead of getting yourself worked up, focus on gratitude as you leave the past behind. On both the 15th and 19th, your current partner—in love or business—really shows up, reminding you that the future is bright.

This week’s mantra: Don’t play the same song on repeat.

3 cancer

If you’ve been ignoring something that needs to be taken care of, whether that’s a trip to the dentist, renewing your car registration or bringing the cats to the vet, it’s going to have to be taken care of at the solar eclipse on the 14th. You’ve been so caught up in the stress of “being somebody” that you’ve forgotten to take care of business. Evaluate your self-care and personal admin routines and make adjustments accordingly. Give yourself a sticker (or a doughnut) for checking off the items on your to do list. You’ve earned the reward.

This week’s mantra: Sustainability is key.

4 leo

No one likes to be rejected but sometimes, it’s inevitable. The solar eclipse on the 14th collapses a messy romantic entanglement, halts a misguided artistic project or simply clears the rest of your schedule so you can spend more time with your kids. Anything you’ve unnecessarily fixated on is cleared from your roster. Though this feels like a major loss, it’s actually freeing you up to experience real joy. A creative breakthrough—or a good laugh—on the 19th puts a smile back on your face and reminds you that you don’t miss whatever you had to let go.

This week’s mantra: Rejection isn’t the end of the world.

5 virgo

This week’s solar eclipse on the 14th reminds you to clean up the house. Whether that’s breaking the news to your sister that you will not be flying home for the holidays, kicking a disrespectful roommate out or finally dragging all those donation bags to Goodwill, a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders. Though you’re feeling personally empowered, you’re getting mixed messages from your partner or BFF. It’s not that she isn’t supportive, she’s just caught up in her own problems. By the end of the week though, you should be able to have a more open conversation. Don’t jump to any conclusions just yet.

This week’s mantra: Don’t make a problem out of nothing.

6 libra

When it comes to your environment, you’re always wanting to expand. You consider both the coffee shop down the block and the hole-in-the-wall Thai place three towns over as part of your neighborhood. The solar eclipse on the 14th though forces you to put limits on your surroundings. Whether that’s cleaning out your inbox or narrowing your apartment search to a 2-mile radius (rather than a 25-mile one), this structure should come as a relief. With Venus entering your communication sector on the 15th, you have the power of persuasion on your side. Write a beautiful letter and get what you want!

This week’s mantra: You don’t have to go far to come home.

7 scorpio

Whether you were given extra responsibility at the (home) office—with no additional pay, of course—or you’ve done all the chores while your partner or roommate slacks off, the solar eclipse on the 14th is here to remind you that your work should be compensated. It’s time to write the strongly worded email and schedule the difficult conversation. Though you’ve reached a point of total burnout, that doesn’t mean you deserve anything less than your full value! Your challenge over the next few years is going to be building and maintaining your home. Get paid so you can live in style.

This week’s mantra: Your worth is apparent.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram @jaimeallycewright or subscribe to her newsletter.



Jaime Wright is an astrologer and writer based in NYC. She has been writing PureWow’s weekly and monthly horoscope columns since 2019, and also authors the cult favorite...