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Your Weekly Horoscopes: August 9 to 15, 2020

Still buzzing from the high of the recent full moon, this week’s cosmic energy helps us go after what we want with determination and creativity. On Monday the 10th, we’re surprised by what’s coming out of our mouth as chatty Mercury in Leo squares off with shocking Uranus. Then on Thurdsay the 13th, aggressive Mars makes a harsh aspect to transformational Pluto inspiring us to go harder toward what used to feel like an impossible dream. This aspect—which is found in the birth chart of tenacious visionaries like Nicki Minaj, Lorde and Laurie Anderson—is certainly intense, but it has so much potential.

On Saturday the 15th, innovative Uranus in Taurus stations retrograde until January 2021, reminding us to review the results of this year’s experimentation—because c’mon, what hasn’t been a new experiment this year? Though we can expect fewer sudden revelations in the months to come, we’ve already had plenty of great ideas. (Just think of all the cute mask ideas you’ve thought of.)

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

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4 Leo  

With Mercury now in your sign, you are feeling especially chatty, vibrant and expressive. You’re bursting with creative energy for the first time since early in quarantine when you gave up on that sourdough starter. This week, make plenty of time for writing and working on artistic projects. On the 13th, you make quite an impression when you debut a new look (even if it’s just waste up) for your friend’s birthday gathering on Zoom. Pay attention to all the little details to keep yourself inspired.

This week’s mantra: You’re ready to make some waves.

5 Virgo  

Though it’s tempting to get wrapped up in a grudge this week, it’s better to let go of what you can’t control. If you’ve learned anything in 2020, it’s that even your brilliant, best laid, perfectly organized dreams can be derailed when the universe has a different plan. On the 10th, a chat with a mentor or a virtual class gets you excited about the future. Don’t worry about doing it all right away. Now’s the time to lay the foundation.

This week’s mantra: Everything starts somewhere.

6 Libra  

If you aren’t careful this week, you can get crushed under the weight of everyone else’s problems. Maybe your girlfriend is having an identity crisis. Maybe your kids are already getting stressed about going back to school. Or maybe you’re just stuck scrolling Instagram, pulled into the dramatic narrative of every distant acquaintance. On the 13th, as Mars squares off with revelatory Pluto, you hit a wall as you realize that all this looking at others has kept you from looking at yourself. Take a walk, put your phone on airplane mode and reset your priorities.

This week’s mantra: Look inward.

7 Scorpio  

Expect a deluge of work emails, business propositions and client phone calls this week—especially as Mercury clashes with radical Uranus on the 10th. If you recently launched your own business or took a new position, things might be getting busy much faster than you expected. Even if you’re working the same steady job that you’ve had for years, you’re suddenly very in demand. This all leads to another very important lesson about time management on the 13th when you get so far ahead of yourself that you miss an important email or phone call. Watch your calendar!

This week’s mantra: There’s always enough time to pause.

8 Sagittarius  

What do you value that costs you absolutely nothing (or next to it)? This week—especially on the 10th—you’re meant to luxuriate in life’s simple pleasures. Make a delicious dinner using only what’s already in your refrigerator. Then, spend the rest of the evening with your love (could you beloved poodle) watching Netflix and doing some DIY face masks on the couch. What you need to feel safe and secure is changing. It’s no longer about feeling important or having the right stuff. It’s about finding yourself truly content where you are.

This week’s mantra: You know what you need.


Since the end of June, you’ve been feeling deeply dissatisfied in your own home. Maybe you’ve arranged and then rearranged all your bedroom furniture. Maybe you’ve done some Swedish Death Cleaning. Maybe you’ve rented a cabin upstate to spend some time surrounded by someone else’s stuff. Somehow though, none of this has filled the void. On the 13th especially, you’re feeling restless and completely unable to connect with your space. Take a long walk or a challenging fitness class to use up all that excess energy.

This week’s mantra: Keep moving.

10 Aquarius  

This week is all about conversations with your partner about your relationship and about your home. If you have lived together for years, you might be planning a move. If you’ve been experimenting with cohabitation during quarantine, you might be finally signing a lease to make things official. It feels like there are endless options—should you flee the city and move upstate? Should you convert the garage into an art studio? After the 15th, the brainstorm session is over and you’re ready to make a decision.

This week’s mantra: Decision-making can be an adventure too.

11 Pisces  

Focused on gratification, you’ve been burning quite a hole in your pocket this summer. Yes, you absolutely needed to get two of the Special Edition vinyl copies of Taylor Swift’s folklore—those are commemorative after all! But you’re now realizing that having all of this stuff isn’t actually satisfying. On the 13th, a long phone call with a friend turns into a financial therapy session for you. Take all of her genius advice and start making an actual plan to save.

This week’s mantra: You can’t spend what you don’t have.

12 Aries  

If you’re following your heart, then this week you can finally make some major moves. But if you’re caught up in your own ego, this week’s energy could lead to some unnecessary self-sabotage. You have big dreams for your career, but in order to make them a reality, you have to take a road less traveled. Remember that the journey is just as important as the destination. As your ruling planet Mars squares off with Pluto on the 13th, you need to be bold and unabashedly yourself to get ahead. Take that risk.

This week’s mantra: You have control.

1 Taurus  

Since the spring of 2018—with radical Uranus in your sign—you’ve been continuously adapting, shapeshifting and evolving. Despite all your stubbornness, you’ve been pleasantly surprised with how much you’ve changed. Have you been hiding this transformation from your family? From your oldest friends? On the 10th, an unexpected conversation with someone from your past allows you to open up to them about your future. It’s wonderful to realize that those who love you will always be there. Take some time on the 15th to reflect on all the ways you’ve grown this year.

This week’s mantra: Own your evolution.

2 Gemini  

Leo season has been about really settling into your own “new normal.” Maybe you recently bought a car. Maybe you’re waking up to journal at dawn. Maybe you have an afternoon ritual of sipping herbal tea and staring into the middle distance. Whatever it is, you’re seeing and processing your immediate environment with fresh eyes. On the 10th, as Mercury squares off with electric Uranus, you get a brilliant idea that will make a huge difference in your local community. The time is now, so act on it fast.

This week’s mantra: Get yourself in order and the rest will follow.

3 Cancer  

If it feels like all of your energy is going into your career well…get used to it because this will be the case until at least January of next year. Whether you’re looking for a new job or tackling an endless to-do list from your boss, finding balance between work and anything else is especially challenging this week. On the 13th, your frustrations lead to a blowout fight with your partner. Instead of taking out your stress on those you love, try to lean into their support as you keep up the grind.

This week’s mantra: Keep hustling but remember to flow.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram @jaimeallycewright or subscribe to her newsletter.

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