Your August 2020 Horoscopes

We all could use a touch of levity these days and luckily, in the grand scheme of 2020, August is relatively easy. The month begins with a full moon in altruistic air sign Aquarius on Monday the 3rd. This full moon puts our own drama behind us for the good of the collective. Let the baggage go.

On Tuesday the 4th, Mercury enters Leo and on Friday the 7th, Venus enters Cancer. Both planets had been in the same sign since late May and early April respectively, so this is a much overdue change of cosmic scenery. Instead of getting left on read, we can now shout our—still Cancerian and tender—feelings from the rooftops. The new moon in Leo on Tuesday the 18th has us feeling fabulous and expressive. Let’s take advantage because we don’t get another day like this for the rest of the year.

The last third of the month is much more down to earth. Speedy Mercury glides into Virgo on Wednesday the 19th and Virgo season officially begins on Saturday the 22nd. Though Virgo is often written off as an uptight perfectionist, there’s something undeniably powerful about specificity—look at Virgo queens like Zendaya, Florence Welch and of course, Beyoncé.

Though most of the month’s tensions are easy to ignore, August closes out with a literal fireworks display of difficult aspects, starting on Monday the 24th and continuing until Sunday the 30th. Remember: If we want to make room for the good stuff, we have to let go of what’s causing too much pain.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

4 leo

Oh Leo, it’s still your season so soak up all the golden rays while you can! On the 2nd, you get some unexpected career recognition which is super exciting but also leaves you scrambling to find an invested partner for a project at the full moon on the 3rd. The full moon in Aquarius is all about celebrating your most important relationships so make sure you reach out to everyone who has always had your back. As Mercury enters your sign on the 4th, you’re feeling feisty and outspoken after spending most of the spring and summer stuck in your head. This builds through the new moon on the 18th when you get out of a tricky situation by remembering to put yourself first.

Love Horoscope: If you’re in a relationship, the full moon on the 3rd is the time to take what you have to the next level. Get ready for a surprise proposal or an amazing deal on an apartment that you can call home together. Whatever it is, you have to act quickly so buckle up for the ride.

Money Horoscope: As Virgo season begins on 22nd, money starts flowing your way—especially after some big career news on the 2nd. Be careful though, because a promising client might flake on you around the 30th. Wait until next month to make any big investments.

5 virgo

The beginning of the months brings a full moon, as well as a clash with a friend. 2020 has shown us who brightens our day and who does nothing but demand emotional labor. Luckily, as your ruling planet Mercury moves into Leo on the 4th, you’re given full permission to rest, relax and keep your phone on airplane mode. Get comfortable with your own stillness, because a brilliant idea comes to you through meditation or in a dream at the new moon in Leo on the 18th. Your season begins on the 22nd, and the last part of the month puts a spotlight on you and your thoughts. Own your confidence and you won’t be bothered by the confusing client or way-out-there coworker who tries to ruin your day on the 30th.

Love Horoscope: This month is about introspection and self development. But if you’re single, you may be feeling a painful lack of romance—especially around the 24th. Remember that this is a time to let go of toxic connections rather than start anything new.

Money Horoscope: Though you’re mostly off the grid until the 22nd, with Mars still in Aries, you may be getting lots of new client offers or developing fresh streams of income behind the scenes. An offer on the 4th seems promising, but you won’t know the full story until the 24th. Tread lightly.

6 libra

August comes with major tensions at home. You’ve been spending all your time there so why doesn’t it feel like yours? You can’t help but feel claustrophobic. If you have a roommate, how can you address that awkwardness that’s been building since the beginning of the lockdown? And if you live alone, how can you get out of the Pinterest comparison trap and create the comfort you deserve? Though you have a massive support network—which really comes through for you around the new moon in Leo on the 18th—if the situation isn’t addressed, it explodes on the 24th.

Love Horoscope: Romance is in the air for you at the full moon in Aquarius on the 3rd so get back on the apps or at least flirt from behind the mask with your favorite barista. If you’re in a relationship, conflict has likely been on the rise so let this lunation reignite the spark.

Money Horoscope: Venus entering your career sector on the 7th brings the recognition you’ve been craving all summer. Whether it’s a promotion, a glowing testimonial from a client or a viral tweet, savor the validation while it lasts. A boost in income that kept you afloat all year slows down as radical Uranus stations retrograde on the 15th so save what you can in the first half of the month.

7 scorpio

Mars is still in Aries and so, at the very least, you have tons of energy to tackle your to-do list and get on that Zoom Pilates regimen. But if you’re over-scheduling yourself, the bountiful energy could lead to total burnout by the 24th. Remember to take breaks! The new moon in Leo on the 18th comes with an opportunity to start fresh in your career. Someone reaches out unexpectedly with an offer around this time that rearranges your entire vision board. Though change is stressful, it’s worth taking the time to follow up.

Love Horoscope: Uranus—planet of revolution and sudden change—stations retrograde on the 15th in your relationship sector. Since January, your partner (or partners) have surprised you again and again. But now things slow down as you settle into yet another new normal. Notice how much more intimate you’re willing to be. Go there.

Money Horoscope: Venus has been in Gemini since April 4th and you’ve been facing your debts, stressing over taxes and deciding what’s actually worth the investment. On the 5th, you have to write one last check or pay off one last credit card. Spend the rest of the month saving to make up the difference.

8 sagittarius

August is your time to take that online creative writing course, commit to a spiritual practice or finally start (and finish!) that forgotten quarantine reading list. At the full moon on the 3rd though, distractions are at an all time high—your neighborhood bar is reopening and every random acquaintance is blowing up your phone. Creating better boundaries around communication though allows you to have an intellectual breakthrough at the new moon in Leo on the 18th. Virgo season—starting on the 22nd—shifts your focus to your career. Use this newfound calm and wisdom to lead with confidence.

Love Horoscope: On the 5th, as love planet Venus runs her final lap in Gemini and your commitment sector, you take a major leap of faith with your partner. The decision is rather impulsive so take the rest of the month to think—and financially plan—before you rush ahead. Even what’s fated needs a plan.

Money Horoscope: With Mars still in Aries, you want to indulge when you really need to save. An extravagant purchase you make on the 4th comes back to haunt you on the 24th when it’s the wrong size, unreturnable or lost in the mail. With Venus in Cancer and your shared resources sector starting on the 7th, it’s best to focus on what you can give.


August feels like a pressure cooker for you, dear Capricorn. With your ruling planet Saturn back in your sign and squaring off with aggressive Mars in Aries, your self discipline as well as your self-doubt is at an all time high. It’s difficult to remain objective when everything feels personal. Tensions climax around the 24th but until then—especially at home and with your family—it’s near impossible to relax or get comfortable. Get a weighted blanket so you can feel heavy on your own terms.

Love Horoscope: Though you aren’t exactly a barrel of laughs this month, Venus enters Cancer and your partnership sector on the 7th and at the very least, your wife or your work wife is acting extra sweet. On the 25th, she plans an elaborate and indulgent stay-at-home date night—a roast chicken, a bottle of wine and a marathon viewing of The O.C. Lean into all of that support.

Money Horoscope: The full moon on the 3rd brings a revelation about your personal finances and security. Whether you’re taking a pay cut or getting a raise, you’ve seen this coming since January. If your checking account does take a hit, a loan or paid invoice helps balance your books around the new moon in Leo on the 18th.

10 aquarius

August begins with a full moon in your sign on the 3rd. Though you’re usually more than happy to observe from the sidelines, now’s the time to splurge on skincare and treat yourself to a steak dinner. It also might be a good idea to book a virtual tarot reading, astrology session or reconnect with your therapist. You need to take care of yourself before you dole out more of your priceless advice And with the sun in Leo and your commitment sector through the 22nd, there are perhaps too many people relying on your opinion. Your words could cut if you aren’t careful—especially around the 24th—so though it’s tense, it’s best to practice discretion.

Love Horoscope: Whether you’re single or in a relationship, the 5th promises to be one of the most romantic days of the year. Relationships are your focus this month and if you’re partnered and struggling to communicate, a breakthrough finally comes around the 17th. Let the new moon in Leo on the 18th usher in a honeymoon phase with your sweetheart.

Money Horoscope: As Mercury and the sun enter Virgo 19th and then the 22nd, the last section of the month has you obsessively focused on finding new clients, settling debts and all the little details of shared resources. On the 30th, a trusted confidante helps you realize that you’re being too idealistic about a prospective investment. It’s better to collect details this month than to commit.

11 pisces

August is an introspective month for you, sweet Pisces. The full moon on the 3rd falls in your unconscious sector. If you’re at a loss about how to move ahead, reflect with a dream journal or through meditation. Then on the 7th, sweet Venus enters Cancer making you extra creative and romantic for the rest of the month. Tensions are building in your work environment (the monotony of Zoom has taken its toll) and you’re feeling overworked and underpaid. The peak of this stress comes on the 24th but on the 25th, your spirits are lifted by an extremely promising date.

Love Horoscope: As mentioned, this is a romantic month for you. So whether you’re single or partnered, mark both the 25th and 30th as ideal days for dates. As Virgo season begins on the 22nd, your focus becomes building something practical with your partner. It’s a pleasure to work out all those little details together. You start feeling anxious about where you stand with your relationship on 30th but trust the connection and stay out of your own way.

Money Horoscope: Mars is still in Aries (as it will be until January 2021) and you can’t take a breath without spending $50. Whether these are necessary expenses or shopping sprees (likely on the 4th!), as soon as the money comes in, it goes right out. Sticking to a budget helps you avoid the heat.

12 aries

As Leo season continues, you’re feeling inspired and in your element. At the full moon on the 3rd, plan a virtual or (distant and safe!) IRL gathering with friends. A trip to the beach, a drink in the park or a Netflix party hang is sure to lift your spirits. By the new moon in Leo on the 18th, you’re ready to begin your next romance or start working on a creative project. As August continues, a challenging situation at work or with your supervisor builds from a simmer to a boil by the 24th. Mars is still in your sign, so if you’re feeling hotheaded, try sweating it out rather than starting a fight.

Love Horoscope: This month marks the beginning of a new romantic era for you. If you put your heart on the line back in February and nothing came of it, now’s the time to download the apps, rekindle a fling or try something new with your boyfriend. Keep Monday the 17th open for a sweet and memorable date.

Money Horoscope: With innovative Uranus transiting your finance sector, you’ve spent this year coming up with all kinds of schemes to get paid. As the revolutionary planet stations retrograde Saturday on the 15th, income streams may slow down so use this moment to take stock of what you have.

1 taurus

August begins with a bang as the full moon in Aquarius on the 3rd marks a huge moment for your career. Whether you get to the final interview for a dream position or launch a project you started back in January, relish in the accomplishment. When your ruling planet Venus moves into Cancer on the 7th, your communications get a whole lot sweeter. Think: Handwritten postcards in the mail and phone calls from lovely friends on the daily. Leo season has you feeling extra cozy at home, which peaks around the new moon on the 18th. Use this as an excuse to finally purchase that beautiful Moroccan rug or the sectional couch you’ve been eyeing.

Love Horoscope: Your love life picks up as Mercury and then the sun move into Virgo on the 19th and 22nd respectively. You’re not spontaneous when it comes to romance and, though this transit only makes you more concerned with getting all the details about any potential suitor, at least you’re having some fun!

Money Horoscope: As we mentioned, the full moon on the 3rd marks a huge moment for your career. While it might be more about the “exposure” than getting paid, as Venus takes her final lap in Gemini on the 5th, you could see some extra cash flowing your way.

2 gemini

Your ruling planet Mercury is moving at full speed, so if June and July felt like a slog, things finally pick up again. As August begins, with Mercury still in Cancer, you’re emotionally wrapped up in a financial matter. Don’t get too discouraged when you hit your final roadblock on the 3rd, you have the tools to solve this problem. Then on the 4th, Mercury enters performative Leo and you find yourself journaling and spending hours chatting up the manager of the local wine shop. A conversation with someone surprising on the 10th may completey change your point of view. Be open to it. On the 19th, Mercury enters Virgo—its other home sign—and you get very involved with your family or reorganizing your home. Rather than just doing a general sweep or a quick catch up, make sure you get into all the nitty-gritty details.

Love Horoscope: This is a month to sit back and observe rather than throw yourself into the dating game. Starting an online course around the full moon on the 3rd could introduce you to a new hottie, but you’re there to learn, not to flirt. If you’re in a relationship, the weekend of the 21st is a great time to plan a getaway date.

Money Horoscope: Venus moves into Cancer and your finance sector on the 7th increasing your cash flow and giving you the calm to resolve any money problems that came up during eclipse season in June and July. Watch your wallet on the 25th, and if you splurge, make sure it’s on something that you really need.

3 cancer

August begins in the midst of a shopping spree. But at the full moon on the 3rd, you might regret some of your purchases—yes, even that floral print loungewear set—when you lose a client or get a hefty medical bill out of the blue. On the 7th, sweet Venus enters your sign and gives you a much needed dose of self-confidence. Now’s the moment to get on top of your skincare routine. If you’re also craving a haircut or color, the week following the new moon in Leo on the 18th is the optimal time to change up your look.

Love Horoscope: If you’re in a relationship, August is a slow burn of tension. You’re struggling to keep up with responsibilities at work while also being a good partner and it all climaxes on the 24th. Luckily the next day (25th) is one of the most romantic of the year, so get that date night on the books early.

Money Horoscope: As mentioned, the first part of the month has you feeling like a high-roller and spending quite frivolously. But on the 17th, as Mercury meets the sun in your financial sector, you have an epiphany about a better way to budget, so grab a glass of natural wine and edit the spreadsheet.

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