Your Weekly Horoscope: July 1 to 7

This week our nation turns 242 (America is such a Cancer, you guys…), but with four planets in retrograde and a new moon up ahead next week, we may feel like we need fewer fireworks and more naps. Just don’t forget your sunscreen.

3 cancer

If you feel the urge to network, by all means pass out those business cards you just had printed (you have a shipping container’s worth, after all). While everyone else is downing cocktails this Fourth (although, one tequila cobbler never hurt anybody), you should try to keep your mind in tip-top shape so you can look out for potential alliances and connections that may be fruitful down the road. Mixing friendship and business can be inspired if done right. Plus, one drink is just enough lubrication to ask your friend’s girlfriend to help you make that website.

4 leo

Lions are known for their hospitality, and this week, with Jupiter in your home sector, you’re basically a lifestyle Instagrammer. So pick up some fresh blooms at the farmers’ market, and let the party people come to you, Domestic Queen. With Mercury and Venus (that would be the planets of communication and love) in your sign, you're more convivial and charming than usual. Don’t be surprised when a long-time friend confesses their love to you or even if your partner of forever can’t keep their hands off. Own your shine, Leo.

5 virgo

Try letting go of your type-A habits this week (it is a national holiday, after all) and lean in to reconnecting with friends or family you don't usually hang out with. But it’s more than just picking up the phone; make plans and follow through (pretend it’s work related!). You may feel dread about that wine date with a cousin you’ve lost touch with, but you’ll be so happy you finally met up…at least for the rosé.

6 libra

You’re usually charming and witty, but you're on absolute FIY-A this week, landing one-liners and bon mots at every party, BBQ and bonfire—hell, you might even make your bodega cat smile. Use that silver tongue for a greater good, though, and try something you’ve been scared to do before, like speak up at a protest (or even share a hot take on a social media platform). Your voice matters, and this week it’s really resonating.

7 scorpio

If you're not already taking a big trip for the long weekend, at least consider a small one instead. With the sun, moon and Jupiter in a grand trine in your travel sector, a quick drive to the beach can scratch that itch for getting out of the house without upsetting your routine too much (or wallet). Or a night at a quaint bed-and-breakfast? Swoon. Take a journal, too, because you’ll probably feel a little more philosophical than usual (what is time, anyway?). You'll want to remember all that wisdom down the road.

8 sagittarius

Repeat after us: “I will not spend money like a broken ATM this week.” If that doesn’t work, meditate before spending this week, not because every decision is the wrong one, but because you'll need to give yourself the headspace to know if you really need those new Madewell jeans right now. If you are feeling the need to make a purchase, go with the smart decision, i.e., discounted school supplies or a beach pass you can use over and over again. (But boy, those jeans do make your butt look good.)


If you've planned a weekend getaway with a partner, it’s sure to be a fun, romantic trip. If you're single, you might be especially in demand as a ride or die. That’s likely because you inspire your friends to get their acts together enough to be on your level (when sloppy Tiegen is with you, she’s a better version of herself…awwww). You've got gravity this week, so lead the flocks to the best burger place, wine bar, bookstore, etc. If it's an undiscovered gem, you know about it.

10 aquarius

Strong treaties are inked only when all parties are fully on board, and that's where you come in. Your aptitude for diplomacy is high this week, with Venus and Mercury congregating in your house of partnership, and you'll be uniquely positioned to play peacemaker. Things will come to a head when one friend learns another friend thought her first-dance song was tacky, but by the time you’re done with it, everyone will walk away happy. *Brushes hands*

11 pisces

While everyone is social butterflying on the Fourth, you may find yourself wanting to hole up with just one or two besties. Give in to the instinct for a low-key hang, as you'll get more from a heart-to-heart than a flurry of quick hellos while party hopping. A sensitive soul like you doesn't nourish itself on shallow encounters anyway. (But do try to steal away to watch some fireworks, OK?)


12 aries

This week comes in like a lion and out like a ram, so to speak, as the moon enters your sign on Thursday and Friday. The rest of the world will finally be on your wavelength (keep up, people!), so you can quit stretching yourself to fit other agendas. The whole “obliger” look never suited you anyhow. In fact, skip your friend’s friend Rocco D.’s poetry reading across town that you’ve been dreading. This week, no one’s holding a grudge. (And who cares what Rocco D. thinks?)

1 taurus

Instead of going to that club where they won’t let you in wearing flats, try hosting something small for a few VIP friends. With Mercury and Venus lending you grace and eloquence in your home sector, you are basically Ina Garten this week. Serve up some linguine with peaches, bacon and gorganzola (easier than it sounds) and kick back with some frozen Aperol Spritzes. It'll be one of those nights you remember all year, and not just because you gained four pounds.

2 gemini

Just because there are parties doesn't mean you have to attend them all. I know that sounds like tough love, but this week you'll want to work hard a little more than you play since you've got the sun, moon and Jupiter forming a grand trine in your houses of income, work and career. Set that alarm clock even just 30 minutes earlier than usual, because your diligence (yes, not pressing snooze = diligence) will develop into a butterfly effect that equals cash and opportunity.

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