6 Creative Ways to Save Money in July

Vacations, ice cream, cute summer sandals—all these fun-filled summertime expenses can start to add up. But if you get creative and cut costs in other places, you can make sure you have enough cash to spend on joyful things in July. Here, six financial shortcuts to take this month.

7 Things That Always Go on Sale in July

beach day

Splurge On A Beach Pass

Depending on how many beach visits you’re planning through September, it could be more cost-effective to shell out for a seasonal pass. For example, say it’s $70 for unlimited parking all summer long at your local state park beach. Divide that by the daily rate of $8 and it’s worth it if you plan to go nine times or more. 

red white and blue plates

Pick Up Clearance Red, White And Blue Paper Goods

They’re everywhere pre-Fourth of July, but when the long weekend has come and gone, they’re on super sale (often 50 to 60 percent off). Who says you get to be patriotic only once per year?

school supplies

Keep An Eye Out For Discounted School Supplies

Gosh, don’t you hate the marketers that as early as July start wishing summer away? (School is coming!) Still, keep your eyes peeled for hefty discounts aimed at cost-conscious early bird shoppers. In some cases, you could find markdowns at places like Target and Staples for as much as 75 percent off. (Keep in mind that the bigger discounts apply to non-name brand stuff.)

bathing suit

Treat Yourself To A New Swimsuit

It may seem counterintuitive, but if you’re in the market for a new summer suit, July is the best time to buy. Here’s why: Retailers are actually already starting to make way for fall merch. Plus, they figure most people already bought their suits in late spring. OK, so sizes may be a bit limited, but you could save as much as 15 to 25 percent.  

paint project

Prioritize Weekend Diys

You’ve been meaning to repaint the backyard shed since 2016. Now’s the best time to do it since retailers like Lowe’s and Home Depot offer savings that play to the nice weather. (Hey, it’s a lot easier for your shed to dry if the weather is warm, right?) The discounts aren’t steep, but even 15 percent saved on a gallon of cool beige adds up.

ice cream

Don’t Forget About National Ice Cream Day

It’s July 15! Save the date. It usually comes with a free, cheap or extra-special scoop. Just ask your local purveyor to find out what they’re serving. 

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