What's the 4-Minute Game? The Viral TikTok Sex Tip, Explained

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You’ve learned what not to say to your lover. You’ve played with the couples’ toys. And you even found out your zodiac sex position. But maybe the most exciting thing to bring to your relationship is also the simplest, according to a surprising sex game that’s gone viral on TikTok.

A video introducing “The 4-Minute Game,” has racked up more than three million views in its first few weeks. Why? It’s partly the warm and encouraging voice of Vernita Griffith, a New York-based relationship counselor whose Tri Team Unlimited runs workshops on everything from strengthening your friendships to increasing your intimacy with your lover. But it’s mostly the absolute simplicity and daring of the game itself.

It goes like this: You set your timer on your phone for four minutes, then you and your partner take turns, with four minutes each, and do whatever you want to the other person. Other than a time, you don’t need any equipment to do this, Griffith says, unless you want to. “You have to agree that you can do whatever you want to with each other,” she says. “Now hopefully, you all are in love, and whatever you want to do will pleasure them as well.”

We’re thinking this is the sort of low buy-in, high-reward game that can really break a person out of a sex rut. And even couples not experiencing sexual ennui can benefit from a little added spontaneity. The 4-minute game is also completely non-threatening, so even creatures of habit who might be unsettled by your whipping out a new sex toy will be game to take turns in little experiment you happened to see on Tik Tok.

“You never know what’s going to happen,” Griffith says. “It’s always going to be good though.” Will four minutes fly by with unexpected thrills? Will you have the courage to do that move you’ve been shy about during your four minutes? There’s only one way to find out, by playing the 4-Minute Game.

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