4 Fall Sleep Trends That Will Help You Catch Up on Zzz's Before 2023

There aren’t many things we wouldn’t try in our quest to get a better night’s sleep, which is why we’re all about keeping up with the latest trends in the sleep space. From sleep accessories that are as fashionable as they are functional to the cannabinoid that could replace CBD as a sleep aid, here are four sleep trends we’re predicting will be all the rage come 2023.

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1. Chicer Sleep Accessories

OK, does a sleep accessory have to be aesthetically pleasing? Not really; maybe two people will see it and as long as it works it doesn’t matter how clinical or sterile it looks. That being said, we’re suckers for better-looking versions of our nightly must-haves, which is why we’re loving the trend toward actually stylish sleep products. Take the Oura ring, for example. This sleep tracking ring combines advanced sensor technology with a mobile app to deliver “precise, personalized health insights straight from the most reliable source: your body.” It captures data throughout the day and night to help you understand your overall sleep quality, plus offers personalized guidance for how best to get to sleep. The minimalist design means you can wear it all day, every day without it looking like a high-tech eyesore. Also taking sleep accessory design to the next level are Loop earplugs, which put those traffic cone orange models to shame. The brand’s ‘Quiet’ earplugs in particular, come in ten pretty colors and reduce noise by 18 decibels and, by combining an acoustic channel and filter for natural sound, protect your hearing in style. Per one five-star reviewer, “I wear these in bed to dull outside noise and snoring of a partner! They stay in my ear much better than traditional foam earplugs and feel comfortable when lying on my side.”

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2. CBN Is the New CBD

You’ve probably at least heard of CBD over the past few years. CBD (or cannabidiol) is one of the dozens of chemical compounds called cannabinoids the marijuana plant contains. You may already be familiar with THC, the cannabinoid that’s responsible for weed’s chilled out effects. CBD, on the other hand, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, meaning that it doesn’t have any intoxicating or euphoric effects. Instead, CBD enthusiasts report feeling slightly more relaxed and at ease. Unlike CBD, which is entirely non-psychoactive, cannabinol, or CBN, in larger doses can produce mild psychoactive reactions. Per WebMD, CBN isn’t as quite popular or readily available as CBD, “because there hasn’t been a lot of human or animal research done on the benefits, uses and side effects. But CBN is slowly gaining popularity for its potential benefits for sleep and pain management.” Just because CBN can produce psychoactive effects in large doses, many CBN products—like the Onyx + Rose Slumber Party gummies above—contain 0.00 percent THC and are formulated with a mix of 20mg CBD, 5mg CBN and 3mg melatonin to support quality sleep.

Shop CBN gummies for sleep: Wyld CBD+CBN Gummies ($32); Slumber Sleep Aid Extra Strength CBN Gummies for Sleep ($60); Rare Cannabinoid Company CBN Gummies ($89)

3. Brown Noise

In our quest for better sleep, we’re longtime fans of white noise, a consistent mid-level sound that lives at a volume somewhere between faint background sounds and a very loud noise. A 2004 study in the journal Sleep Medicine discovered that patients exposed to white noise slept better because white noise effectively hides “background noise” and other “peak noises.” If white noise hasn’t typically worked for you—or you’re interested in trying something else—brown noise has been steadily gaining popularity among those looking to improve their sleep hygiene (particularly on TikTok). Brown noise contains all frequencies, like white noise, but plays the low frequencies at a louder level and the high frequencies on a softer level. Though brown noise hasn’t been proven to be any more effective at aiding in sleep than white noise, it’s definitely worth a try for folks looking for help falling—and staying—asleep.

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4. Weighted Stuffed Animals

If you’re as obsessed with your weighted blanket as we are, listen up: Weighted stuffed animals are a thing. Much like their blanket counterparts, weighted stuffed animals are thought to minimize anxiety, promote calm and potentially aid in sleep. And no, they’re not just for kids (though there are weighted stuffed animals specifically made for little ones). Now, obviously a weighted stuffed animal doesn’t cover your entire body, so you’re not going to the get the same results as you would with a weighted blanket, but if you’re a person whose anxiety keeps you up at night, the calming effect of snuggling with a cute weighted sloth or puppy could make it easier for you to shut your brain off and fall asleep.

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