Ice Cream for Lunch and Reluctant Workouts: 3 Single Women on Their Quarantine Routines

I’m obsessed with other people’s routines: Morning routines, skincare routines, meal prep routines—you name it, I’ll read it. That’s why, with everyone’s day-to-day upended by the coronavirus pandemic, I thought it was a great time to reach out to some single women in my life to see how their routines have changed now that we’re all stuck at home. From talking themselves out of workouts to eating ice cream for lunch, here’s how they’re holding up.

How to Create a Work from Home Routine You’ll Actually Stick To

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Liz, 29, Is A Merchandise Buyer Quarantining In New York

1. How Do You Start Your Day?

Every morning I set my alarm an hour earlier than I would normally wake up in the hopes that I'll find the strength to workout...that rarely happens. So, then I end up reading The New York Times in bed. As soon as I manage to get up, I immediately open my shades to let light in and make my bed—always done begrudgingly, but since my bedroom is now my office, it’s a must. Then I make a hot coffee and drop in two scoops of collagen peptides—honestly no clue if I need this or if it's helping me, but I made the decision to try do more self-care things and this one is easy. I try to get the tail end of Morning Joe on MSNBC before the workday starts at 9 a.m. As for my look, I slap on minimum makeup—just what’s needed to frame my face so I don't look like a blob on zoom.

2. What's The Hardest Part Of Quarantine?

The hardest part of quarantine is that work is still pretty intense—we like to call it “Zoom Jail.” I spend so much time sitting at my desk on calls that I sometimes will go hours without getting up and moving, and so I end a lot of days achy. Pretty sad. The other hardest thing would be that I am super extroverted and get so much joy and energy from going into my office and going to meetings. Another hard thing is motivating myself to exercise. Despite complaining about not getting enough opportunities to move around, when I do have the time, I find myself aggressively resisting movement. Unsure why, but it's real.

3. How Do You Stay Connected To Friends And Family?

So many ways! Apart from Zoom happy hours, which I'm honestly starting to get tired of, I'm doing a couple new things: I'm in a group chat where each person picks a song for the day—it's usually a throwback. Everyone has to then send a video of them dancing and lipsyncing to the song. And with the rise of TikTok, people are getting very creative with their daily entries—high production value. I also started painting! Just watercolors. I've been making mini 5x7 works of art for my friends and family's work from home desks and have been getting pretty positive reception. I spend hours looking for specific inspo for the recipient and then paint away whenever I have time at night or for hours over the weekend.

4. What Did You Eat For Lunch?

I had leftovers. If I need it, I’ll have a dessert at lunchtime—like two cookies or a slice of cake....whatever it takes!

5. What Are You Looking Forward To Most Once This Is Over?

I’m definitely excited to have a big night out on the town. Cocktails, a fancy dinner and then post-dinner drinks and dancing at a bar with my girls. Oh, and definitely going on dates again. I hate not being able to control or do anything with my romantic life.

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Allison, 28, Works In Sales And Trading And Is Quarantining In Connecticut

1. How Do You Start Your Day?

I wake up every morning and do my full skin care routine (toner, serums, moisturizer—the works), now that I have a little more time and I’m not rushing out to commute! Then I go get set up for work and make coffee.

2. What's The Hardest Part?

The hardest part is lack of human interaction. Now that I’m working from home, I’m feeling trapped.

3. How Do You Stay Connected To Friends And Family?

I moved back home, so staying connected to family is a little too easy. And I’m trying to keep up with group texts and Instagram to keep in touch with friends—plus Zoom happy hours.

4. What Did You Eat For Lunch?

Today I had yogurt and cereal.

5. What Are You Looking Forward To Most Once This Is Over?

I cannot WAIT for bottomless brunch with all of my pals!

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Christina, 30, Is A Physical Therapist Quarantining In Virginia

1. How Do You Start Your Day?

Well, the day starts much later than usual. Typically, I go for a run right away…before I can convince myself not to.

2. What’s The Hardest Part Of Quarantining?

It’s physically exhausting to dodge people all of the time…but well worth the extra steps. Mentally it’s been difficult not being able to travel or be with my family and missing out on social events.

3. How Do You Stay Connected Friends And Family?

Frequent FaceTime and Zoom calls. Additionally, my mom loves to bomb my inbox with random articles and childhood photos, so that keeps us chatting.

4. What Did You Eat For Lunch?

I had half a pint of Haagen Dazs and at least 150 cheddar goldfish. Whoops.

5. What Are You Looking Forward To Most Once This Is Over?

Spending a weekend in the mountains with friends and family and going on my next international adventure—hopefully to South America.

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